Marmaduke Fire Department Receives New Truck

Thursday, December 10, 2015
The new Marmaduke Fire Department tanker

Marmaduke's volunteer fire department recently acquired a new 3,000-gallon tanker fire truck sitting on a Kenworth chassis.

The 3,000-gallon tank and its 1,250-gallon per minute remote control pump, which also contains a foam system, "will help us better serve our industries and the rural areas around us," mayor Steve Dixon said.

The truck was purchased using a $280,953 FEMA grant and city monies in the amount of $17,597 for a combined total of $298,550. Assistant fire chief Matt Pruett championed the grant writing on behalf of the city and the grant was awarded in July.

The truck was purchased from Deep South Fire Trucks Inc. in Seminary, Miss., but was only ready for pickup a few weeks ago.

The truck is replacing an outdated and much smaller 1978 Ford 1,000-gallon tanker truck.

"Most of our calls are in the county assisting other fire departments and this will help increase our ability to assist by bringing a large amount of water with us as no one else has a tanker of this size," fire Capt. Dustin Estes said.

Not only will the truck help when water is needed, but the fact the department can bring 3,000 gallons of water with them will increase the ISO rating, which is a public protection classification, Dixon said.

The net worth of the three trucks at the department is approximately $750,000, but all were purchased using grants and cost the city roughly $65,000.

The new truck has been on a few calls at this point, but has yet to be used, Estes said. The most recent run it made was in the Rector Christmas Parade last Thursday.

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