Piggott Native Scott Featured on Popular Reality Show

Thursday, February 11, 2016
Although she notes it's not her favorite photo, this is the image of Kristin "Tuff" Scott from her profile on the official Redneck Island website.(courtesy photo)

Piggott native Kristen "Tuff" Scott, 27, is an accomplished young lady in her own right, but she has recently become known nationwide as a player on Redneck Island, which airs at 9 Thursday nights on CMT.

CMT called Scott after having seen her personal Facebook page where she posts videos speaking her mind on a variety of issues and entertains 163,000 followers.

As she arrived on Lake Hartwell in Georgia, "it was crazy, 24 people living in one house and fighting over food and the bathroom," Scott said. "But it was nice to not have a phone, T.V. or internet; it's amazing how much you can actually learn about people without those distractions."

Twenty-four competitors came together in the show and chose teams of two to compete in athletic contests to see who would face a chance of going home each night. Scott was paired up with Monroe, La., native Josh Varnado.

While Scott is currently under a confidentiality clause in her contract with CMT ("you can actually be sued for 3.2 million"), she said the competitions are the real deal. "You think you're ready; you're not," Scott said. "The competitions were tough and it's even tougher with your teammate relying on you and then there's the pit." She added the idea of the pit always makes one anxious during competitions, because one of the people stepping in is going home.

When not on television, Scott travels, breaking and riding horses, singing and playing the guitar. "We'll travel wherever needed; if you call with a problem horse we'll come help," Scott said. "I've trained horses for many different reasons; one we trained to lie down after his owner became disabled, so he could still ride."

Scott is the daughter of Alan and Beverly Scott and Beth Scott, all of Piggott. She is a 2007 graduate of Piggott and a 2011 graduate of Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, where she earned a bachelor's degree in pre-med studies with an emphasis in chemistry and biology.

While she said one day she may use her degree, right now she loves what's she's doing, and "wouldn't have it any other way."

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