Herrington Makes Donation to Rector Library

Thursday, April 7, 2016
Herrington with some of the donated items.(TD photo/Jessica Rainwater)

Diane Lynch Herrington of Austin, Tex., donated to the Rector Public Library many items she obtained after her third cousin Patricia Lynch died in 2009.

Herrington received notification of Lynch's death only a couple of years ago and, when she contacted the attorney in charge of the estate, he directed her to storage buildings of furniture, paintings and personal items.

Lynch had ties to the Rector community dating back to her parents, the late William Ensign Lynch and Nora Laura Trammell Lynch. The family had moved from Rector and was residing in Nashville, Tenn., when Lynch was born in 1925. However, Lynch had two siblings buried in Woodland Heights Cemetery.

A picture of Patricia's parents in their wedding regalia and the actual dress worn by Nora in 1902 were among the photos, scrapbooks, antique hair pins, dolls and much more. "I'm just glad I found a good place for it all to go," Herrington said.

The donation holds historical value for Rector as photos and scrapbooks within showed old homes and news of Rector. "I can't wait to go through everything and see what all is actually in there," library director Deana Mills said. She plans to put most of the items in a display case for all to enjoy.

These items are not the first time Mills has been touched by Patricia Lynch. In 2010, donations in the amount of $40,000 were received by the library and Woodland Heights Cemetery. The library used the donation to renovate their entryway and children's room. Woodland Heights used its $40,000 donation to develop new land to expand the cemetery.

It is apparent Lynch had a love of knowledge and community as shown by the generous nature of her actions. She also donated funds from her estate to libraries in Texas.

Lynch died in Dallas on Nov. 1, 2009. Though she may be someone with whom many in Rector are unfamiliar, her kindness has certainly earned her a place in the hearts of those who have benefitted from her assistance.

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