PD Offers Motorists Reminder on Cell Phone Ban

Thursday, April 21, 2016
Recently these signs were placed along the car rider pick-up and drop-off lanes at Piggott Elementary School. The signs are intended to remind motorists of the law against using a handheld cell phone in a school zone when children are present.(TD photo/Tim Blair)

In the state of Arkansas the use of cell phones, and other such electronic devices, is illegal within school zones. But, despite the prohibition, dozens of motorists ignore the law each day, and in some instances the safety of students is compromised.

"We're especially concerned about parents using their cell phones while they're dropping off students in the morning, and picking them up in the afternoon," noted Piggott Elementary School Principal Leean Mann.

To address the issue new signs were recently posted at the PES campus, reminding motorists of the law.

According to Arkansas state law, which was updated in 2011, no driver of a motor vehicle may use any handheld wireless telephone when passing a school building, or school zone, during school hours when children are present and outside. The only exceptions are in the case of an emergency, or if a hands free device is being used.

In an effort to insure compliance with the law, personnel with the Piggott Police Department will be monitoring school zones in the days to come. And, those who do not adhere to the law stand the chance of being ticketed.

"The school has asked us to try to do something about the problem, so we'll be trying to help educate the motorists about the law," added Lt. Sam Williams, of the Piggott P.D. "It's a safety issue, and we want to do what's best for the students."

In recent years similar laws have been passed in other states, as they've also banned the use of cell phones in school zones. In Arkansas, motorists may be fined $50 for each infraction.

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