Mohawk Weight Lifters Take Third at State

Thursday, April 28, 2016
The Mohawk weight lifting team at the state meet at Alma.(courtesy photo)

The Piggott Mohawk weight lifting team traveled to Alma High School last week, to participate in the 3A class of the 25th annual state weight meet. Over 60 schools ranging from 7A to 2A, which included hundreds of student athletes, competed in the event with the PHS squad posting a strong finish. Based on their performance, the Mohawk lifters came in third out of the 12 schools from 3A in attendance.

The competition consisted of two events, bench press and power clean, with a lifter from each team competing in one of 10 weight divisions.

The Tribe was represented in the 123 pound and under division by Corbin Midkiff, as he recorded a 145 pound power clean but had no lift in the bench press. In the 124 to 132 pound weight class Justin Goding lifted 175 pounds in both events. And, in the 133 to 148 pound weight division Gunner Shaw bench pressed 175 pounds and power cleaned 185.

John Jones lifted in the 149 to 165 pound weight class, bench pressing 225 and power cleaning 195. In the 166 to 181 pound weight class it was Dakota Santos with a bench press of 235 and a power clean of 195.

Cade Harrell made a strong showing in the 182 to 198 pound weight class, bench pressing 275 and power cleaning 245. Bret Fuller also had a productive meet, competing in the 199 to 220 pound class, as he bench pressed 295 and power cleaned 265.

Nate Mallard competed in the 221 to 242 pound classs, as he bench pressed 285 pounds and power cleaned 235. Dom Reagan represented the Tribe in the 243 to 255 pound class, bench pressing 215 and power cleaning 185. And, Seth Lacey represented the Mohawks in the 260 pound and up class, as he bench pressed 285 pounds and power cleaned 215.

"Our guys really did well, we were really proud of them," noted Coach Michael Harrell. "They've been working really hard on off-season conditioning, and it really shows up. Coach Shaw Hearn has taken over our strength and conditioning program, and has done a great job. The kids have really bought into it."

Harrell also noted the Piggott squad consisted of mainly underclassmen, as only one senior competed.

"We were a young bunch, and I was really proud of the way they performed, third place in all of 3A is pretty good," he added. "And, based on how well our guys did this year I'd say we could take it all next year, we look like the team to beat in 3A."

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