Are You a Face in This Crowd?

Thursday, April 28, 2016
This is one of two copies of the photo opportunity which have surfaced, in the other Lee Remick is holding a baby.(courtesy Frank Staples Photography)

In preparation for the 60th anniversary celebration of the filming of A Face in the Crowd, set for the second weekend in September, organizers continue to gather historic photos from the era. Among those to be featured during the celebration is a unique image taken in the former Piggott Library.

"In August of 1956 about 60 young people gathered in the old library building to pose for a photograph with Lee Remick, star of Elia Kazan's production of A Face in the Crowd," noted event organizer and local historian Joe Cole. "Thanks to Frank Staples, of Frank Staples Photography, an enlargement of the photo has been donated to be used as part of the 60th anniversary celebration of the filming of the movie here in Piggott."

The image was restored and repaired by Staples, and many of the "kids" have been identified, but many have not. "Are you in this photo, or someone you know? We'd love to be able to identify everyone in the photo," Cole added.

And, he noted all of those "kids" are encouraged to come back to Piggott in September and sign their names on the portrait. "That way we'll have a permanent record of everyone who was truly A Face in the Crowd!"

A number of other observances are also planned, including a re-enactment of the scenes at the football field involving the mass marching band and majorettes. This is planned for the evening of Friday, Sept. 9, in conjunction with the Mohawk's football game with Portageville and many of the original majorettes have been invited to attend. On Saturday, Sept. 10, a special ceremony will also be held at the Matilda and Karl Pfeiffer Museum, site of the movie's swimming pool scene.

Those wanting to identify persons in the photo, or obtain additional information about the observance may contact Cole at 901 246-7647.

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