Commencement Set for Piggott High School

Wednesday, May 11, 2016
Valedictorian Anna McMillon

The Piggott High School gym will be filled to capacity this Sunday, May 15, as the Class of 2016 takes part in commencement exercises. In a change from recent years, this year's graduation ceremony will be held at 3 p.m. on Sunday, as 77 graduates are scheduled to receive their diplomas.

The PHS band, under the direction of Jeremy Wortham, will perform Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance as the processional as the class will be escorted into the gym. The first speaker of the afternoon is the Piggott High School valedictorian for 2016, Anna McMillon. Anna, the daughter of Julie and Brett McMillon, will be attending Arkansas State University in the fall as she continues her education.

Afterward, the PHS band will perform special music.

Salutatorian Tyler Peters

The next speaker will be this year's salutatorian, Tyler Peters. Tyler, the son of Michael and Stacey Peters, will also be attending ASU in the fall, as he looks forward to a future as a wildlife biologist.

Following the salutatorian address the various scholarships and awards will be handed out, with Piggott High School Counselor Amber Harrell handling the honors.

Special music by the PHS Choir, under the direction of Ellen Meadows, will follow. And, afteward will be the highlight of the afternoon as the class of 2016 is presented for graduation. Awarding the diplomas will be PHS Principal Barry DeHart, School Board President Jeff Benbrook and School Board Secretary Bradley Dunlap.

After the diplomas are handed out to the graduating seniors, Superintendent Charlie Powell will present the class.

The members of the PHS class of 2016 include--Kyle Allman, Chris Wallace, Natalia Alvarado, John Daniel Beck, Caleb Welborn, Jessica Arnell, Rocky Blades, Brady Whaley, Brayden Brewer, Landon Williams, Brittany Austin, MaKalia Beck, Dylan Cole, Mathew Williams, Megan Blue, Lavon Coley, Holly Boyd, John Copelin, Carra Burdin, Daniel Craig, Kaitlynn Cate, Cody Crittenden, Taylor Choate, Logan Dixon, Madison Crittenden, Gabriel Gilbee, Rebecca Crow, Nathan Gookin, Denise Cury, Anthony Gummalauski, Molly Daffron, Reese Gurley, Bailey Fry, Nicholas Harris, Monica Hoover, Celeston Haywood, Megan Johnson, Ian Henderson, Veronica Jones, Dillon Horn, Abbey Jordan, Brice Howard, Katie Lutz, Gage Jackson, Ambrea Massey, Remington Beau Jett, Katelin Maynard, Bryer Johnson, Anna McMillon, Seth Lacey, Allison Moffitt, Ethan Lucas, Shelby Morgan, Aaron Massey, Savannah Phares, Michael Massey, Loretta Pollard, Quinton Mauldin, Casey Poole, Noah May, Breanna Shaw, Matthew Parrish, Devyn Staples, Tyler Peters, Danielle Steagal, Adam Risinger, Kaela Steward, Calab Sanders, Desire' Underwood, Joey Simpson, Ashlee Vaughn, Noah Smith, Tara Vaughn, R. J. Smith, Payton Wilson, Meghan Woodard and Trace Stallings.

Then, with a flip of the tassel the members of the class will complete their high school careers at PHS, and join together to sing the Alma Mater. Afterward, the PHS band will once again perform the recessional, as the classmates will leave the gym a final time to the strains of "Pomp and Circumstance."

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