FCCLA Donkey Basketball a Big Success

Thursday, May 19, 2016
Lady Mohawk basketball coach Chase Halbrook in action during the FCCLA's donkey basketball game last Thursday in the PHS middle gym.(courtesy photo)

The Piggott High School FCCLA hosted a donkey basketball game last Thursday, and the event was a big success. The game was held as a fundraiser for the organization, with the money earmarked for travel expenses for the coming summer.

The event started with a performance by the PHS cheerleaders, Jasmine Leggett, Maddie VanderKooi, Carly Benbrook, Jaclyn Helms, Ashlee Vaughn, Jill Scudder, Presley Tullos, Shelby Howard, Delaney Poole and Alexandria McDaniel as they performed a glow in the dark dance. They also added to the excitement by throwing glow in the dark bracelets into the audience.

Next, the focus was directed to a slideshow of the 53-plus local merchants who supported the effort, with Master of Ceremonies Kevin Murray encouraging cheers for those the crowd did business with. Molly Daffron then performed the National Anthem, as riders Michael Click and Brooklyn Beck circled the court.

MC Kevin Murray assists a player with retrieving the ball during last week's donkey basketball game at Piggott High School.(courtesy photo)

The thrills and laughter began with Noah May's team, Noah's 2x2s, taking on the Wild Bucks, coached by Shawn Hearn. Team members, and sponsors, for Noah's 2x2 were-- Jacob Householder-Cox Lumber Co., Rickey Stanley-Newwave, John Heath-Joe Cole & The Inn at Piggott, Michael Nix-South Thornton Church of Christ, Tonya Taylor-Evans Jewelry, Brielle Burkman-Blue Skies Store House, Quentin Reeves-Apex Glass, Elizabeth Hobbs --Hobbs Siding & Windows.

Members of the Wild Bucks included--Chance Shaw-Regions Bank, Kalem Rouse-1st National Bank, John Hedrick-Steen's Auto & Farm, Walter Wislon-Lions Club, Darlene Taylor-Burns Flooring, Emily Massey-Emmanuel Baptist Church, Denise Cury-Rusty Nails, and Payton Wilson-Hickson Barber Shop.

The game turned out to be both competitive and challenging, with both squads struggling with their mounts. With the audience entertained by the antics, Noah's 2x2s edged the Wild Bucks for the win.

Halftime events included a musical donkey game, which came down to Hannah Smart and Emily Massey. Both were competitive, as Hannah came out on top, although she did have to kiss the donkey. In the name of good sport, she also split her $10 prize with Emily.

The People's Choice bucket run was also helpful, as it generated another $300 for the cause. The audience voted with money for their favorite team, with Hearn's Wild Bucks taking the award and earning certificates. Donkey petting was also an activity enjoyed by some of the younger children.

The second game was also entertaining, as BBs Team, coached by Brayden Brewer, took on the Kickin' A team, coached by Logan Dixon, with the BBs taking the win. Team members and sponsors were--Jimmy Long-Country Mart, Jerri Tate & Jordan Tate-PHS Art Club, Will Winberry-Legacy Equipment, Jake Shaw-Los Compadres, Bradley Stephens-Piggott State Bank, Hannah Smart-MFA Pollard & McDougal, Stefan Gramling-Beauty Plus and Ashley Midkiff-Piggott Hospital.The Kickn' A team players were Bryer Johnson-Razorback Tire, Dr. Elena Lopez-Progressive Eye Center, Colby Stokes-Hoggard and Sons, Coach Hallbrook-McMillon State Farm, Joe Marshall Rouse-Hunton's Office Supply, Brandon Wellman-Avis Auto, Kailyn Conley-Regions Bank and Jason Tillman-Tillman Plumbing.

Throughout the games the crowd was entertained by the action, and the play-by-play provided by Kevin Murray from the floor. The music, provided by PHS Band Director Jeremy Wortham was also a fan favorite.

The evening ended with the championship game, as Bbs team took the win. All of the riders also received a certificate from the Circle A Donkey Company for surviving the game, and the coaches were also recognized for their efforts.

"I am so pleased to see the way our FCCLA members worked together to support the three girls who will be competing representing Arkansas and our chapter," advisor Sandra Little noted. She added her appreciation for the community support and noted she had received nothing but positive feedback about the event. Chapter President- Brooke Moore commented that she was glad that FCCLA could provide a fun filled night of good clean family entertainment and was able to raise money for the organization and the national competition trip. "We would like to thank everyone who came out to watch and everyone involved in make this a huge success," she added. "A very special thanks to all."

The three local members who'll be competing in June are Elizabeth Hobbs, Destiny Hall and Ashley Grissom.

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