Friends of Rector Library project

Thursday, June 9, 2016
Artwork of the statue "Break Time"

Rector's library is the heart, soul and cornerstone of the community -- a place to read, think, browse and dream.

The social center and lifeblood of the community, library books take you anywhere, explore any idea and help a person learn every type of new thing. It's the only place where you can explore the world without leaving home.

Friends of the Rector Library, consisting of Rector graduates, were recently discussing deaths of classmates and loved ones and wanted to commemorate those folks in a tangible way, They were made aware of a beautiful statue at the Paragould library and had the idea to memorialize their Rector classmates in a similar way.

For a statue in memory of all Rector classmates, the group is requesting donations for a beautiful statue called "Break Time," depicting a boy and a girl relaxing and enjoying their favorite books. Hand-crafted in bronze and designed by artist Paul Anderson, the statue measures 46 inches tall by 70 inches wide and will be placed in a designated space outside the library.

The statue will be to honor library founder Lillian Randleman and all Rector classmates, present and past. They need donations to be able to bring this dream to fruition.

The statue will cost $4,000 and an account for donations has been set up at Centennial Bank in Rector. Please make checks out to Jerry Chilcutt and put "library statue" on the "memo" line. You can bring or mail your contributions to Centennial Bank, in care of Sherry Dills, 801 E. 9th Street, Rector, AR 72461.

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