Rector Street Projects Set to Begin

Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) recently approved a grant for $250,000 of street overlays in Rector. Projects in Biggers and Knobel have also been approved and Delta Asphalt was low bidder on the work.

Rector City Superintendent Todd Watson said, he isn't sure when the paving will begin, but he was told it would be after the fourth of July. Mayor Teresa Roofe and Watson rode along with engineers from the AHTD the first week of August of 2015 to appraise the streets and make sure the right streets were chosen as priorities.

At this point streets being paved are:

13th Street, from Fordyce Street to Phillips Street; East Eighth Street, from McNabb Street to Hickman Avenue; East Sixth Street, from Main Street to Phillips Street; East Fourth Street, from Phillips Street to Sikes Road; East Third Street, from Highway 90 to Front Street; Donaldson Street, from Highway 90 to Sikes Road; Donna Street, from Woodland Heights to Velta Street; Woodland Heights, Fifth Street to Second Street and Cagle Street, from Second Street to Third Street.

Watson said there may be more roads added after the work begins as the listed streets only account for $230,000 in work. However, how many or which ones are unknown at this time.

Watson added receiving the grant will improve the city, but also saves money, as every year the city spends approximately $50,000 on streets. "This allows the city to use that money on other needed projects," Watson said.

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