Parker Field Turf Project Update

Thursday, August 18, 2016
Turf is unrolled onto the playing surface of Parker Field last week, as the project neared completion.(TD photo/Tim Blair)

The installation of new natural turf on the playing surface of Piggott's Parker Field was completed last week.

Over 200 of the 50-yard-long rolls of turf were used, which came from a turf farm near Ironton, Mo. The last of the rolls were unloaded, and placed, last Wednesday and Thursday by the crew from Turf Renovations, of Portageville, Mo.

Ironically, the first game to be played on the new surface will be Friday, Sept. 9, as the Portageville Bulldogs visit PHS. It should also be noted the Bulldog roster will include the son of Kevin Rone, owner of Turf Renovations.

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