MKPM Acquires New Mineral for Exhibit

Thursday, August 18, 2016
MKPM trustee Don Roeder shows-off the new specimen, which due to its size enjoys a spot on the mantel of the local museum.(TD photo/Tim Blair)

Recently, the Matilda and Karl Pfeiffer Museum, of Piggott, acquired a new mineral specimen for their collection. The new acqisition is from the Yenbai Province of Vietnam, and is an example of pargasite within pure white marble.

"We purchaed this specimen by way of an online auction, and when it was delivered it turned out to be a bit bigger than we thought it was," noted MKPM trustee Don Roeder. "But, it's such a beautiful piece--and we didn't have anything in the collection from Vietnam."

The hefty sculpture was advertised to be from Luc Yen, although this is not as specific as it seems as several quarries which produce pargasite may be found in the area.

The new mineral specimen at the Matilda and Karl Pfeiffer Museum is pargasite on white marble from Vietnam.(TD photo/Tim Blair)

According to information from the auction catalog, the metamorphic process which gave rise to the pargasite is also responsible for transforming the host limestone into crystalline marble. This causes the mineral to exhibit visible cleavage plants, which give the piece a sparkling or "frosty" appearance.

The overall condition of the specimen is pristine, and it came with the custom base.

"We weren't able to attend the big gem and mineral show and sale in Tucson this year," Roeder offered. "But, this is a nice addition to the collection. We were just surprised it was so big."

Due to the larger-than-average size of the item, it is currently enjoying a spot on the mantel of the great room of the museum.

Those wanting additional information on the museum may visit their website at call them at 870 598-3228 or email them at

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