Neighbor 2 Neighbor A Big Success

Thursday, September 1, 2016
Ben Owens, Christy Ford and Dustin Owens are pictured cleaning street curbs during Saturday's Neighbor 2 Neighbor work day in Rector.(courtesy photo)

Sunny skies greeted a group of 33 willing workers, who spent Saturday morning, Aug. 27, in a labor of love for Rector and its central neighborhoods. The rain which blew through the area on Friday evening caused some areas to be a bit soggy, but despite the weather five work teams tackled multiple clean-up projects.

Led by Clarence and Jane Huffman, Martha Thompson and Kim Isom, Stephen and Sandra Dement, Ken Roden, David and Kim Romine, J.D. Crews and Jeremy Arndt, the teams toiled alongside 16 teen volunteers.

With the assistance, large projects along 5th, 4th, 3rd, Dodd, Pine, Fordyce, and Woodland Heights were attacked by weed eaters, lawn tractors, sickles, rakes, Kaiser blades, loppers, and nippers-- plus a chain saw. All the commercial trash bags the committee had on hand were used to haul away debris. In addition, multiple truck and trailer loads of lawn, ditch, and curb refuse were removed.

Due of the deluge on the original Saturday work-day, most projects had to be postponed until this past weekend. The postponement, however, did not stop the Huffmans, Lowell and Deanna McKenney, and Marvin Gatewood from working throughout the week leading up to the rescheduled work day. During that time, a head start on the main projects got underway. Gatewood, chair of Neighbor 2 Neighbor, was also able to list and organize projects and assign them to crews of teens and adults for the work day. "The adult team leaders appreciate the organization because efforts are streamlined and everything on the list gets accomplished in a half-day. After lunch, we can turn everybody loose," Gatewood commented.

The contributions by local donors also made it easy to keep supplies on hand, like insect repellent, wasp spray, work gloves and commercial trash bags. Water and soft drinks were also furnished by Harps. Monetary donations also provided lunch for the workers, which was purchased from Subway. The donations will also serve to finance the certificates for wrist bands for Labor Day rides, which were handed-out to teens who worked with N2N for the full day.

"Neighbor 2 Neighbor appreciates the willing spirit and work ethic of the volunteers who gave-up their Saturday morning for the betterment of the Rector community. It's good to see youth and adults working together to accomplish a goal," a N2N spokesperson noted.

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