Dr. Sheridan Celebrates 70th Birthday

Thursday, November 10, 2016
Dr. James Sheridan (left) accepts a plaque in recognition of his long service to the community at his 70th birthday party last week from PCH Administrator James L. Magee.(TD photo/Marta Heigel)

With table-fulls of goodies on hand, a standing-room-only crowd greeted Dr. James Sheridan as his 70th birthday was celebrated Wednesday, Nov. 2, in the home health building behind Piggott Community Hospital.

A native of Ireland, Dr. Sheridan made his way to Northeast Arkansas by way of Canada. Due to the fact he had family in Arkansas, he first settled in Piggott then later moved to Campbell where he still lives with his wife. In January of next year he'll mark 35 years of caring for the residents of the Piggott and Campbell areas as he started his practice early in 1982.

The couple has one son, three daughters and currently two grandchildren.

Among those on hand at last week's birthday party was Janet McDonald, who worked 16 years alongside Dr. Sheridan in his practice. His current nurse is Nova Moody and she has been with him about the same amount of time. Moody noted in all the time she has worked for Dr. Sheridan he has never asked her to do anything he would not do himself.

Rather than the large traditional cake, Dr. Sheridan was treated to a tiered presentation of beautifully decorated cupcakes to mark the occasion.

During the ceremony, Sheridan was presented with a plaque of appreciation by PCH administrator James L. Magee. And, when asked if he'd like to share a few words with those on hand the doctor merely said, "no" and made his way to the cupcakes.

In making the plaque presentation, Magee said of Sheridan, "he has been a great contributor to healthcare for many, many years. And, not only is the hospital, but the community is grateful and appreciative for the hard work done in his practice."

Sheridan continues to make regular rounds at PCH, and observes hours at the Campbell Clinic.

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