HHF Donation Provides ULockit Devices

Thursday, November 10, 2016
RES fifth grade teacher Barbara Robertson demonstrates the ULockit device to students.(TD photo/Jennifer Vaughn)

Thanks to the generosity of Rector High School Helping Hands, Rector students are a bit safer these days. Recently, the organization donated funds to pay for the purchase, and installation, of 68 ULockit devices on classroom doors at the Rector pre-school, elementary school and high school campuses.

The ULockit devices are manufactured in Conway, and are designed to provide a quick and easy barricade to outside intruders if needed. The u-shaped locks are simple to operate, and slip into slots which are mounted on both the door and the wall. The manufacturer notes each is made of carbon steel, with a tensile strength which equates to over 75,000 pounds per square inch. In recent years the devices have been installed at a number of local and area schools, as security issues have become more prevelant.

Experts note the units are both easy to install, and operate, even in stressful situation. They note the fact that younger students are more vulnerable than those of high school age in dealing with an intruder, and indicated the units offered an additional level of security at a fairly low price.

"We had heard about other schools installing such devices, and wanted our teachers and students to have the same peace of mind," a Helping Hands spokesperson noted of the effort.

The security units were installed by Gerald Hartsfield at the local campus, and are now in use throughout the entire district.

According to the company website, the ULockit device will not completely stop an intruder, but will slow them down significantly. Basically, the unit is intended to allow a teacher in a classroom time to hide, or find another escape route. It also gives emergency responders more time to get to the scene of an incident.

Those wanting additional information on the company may visit their website at www.ULockitSecurity.com

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