CCSD Dash Cam Effort Accepts Large Donation

Thursday, December 15, 2016
Pastor Charles Richardson of Hitts Chapel Church (left) presents a check for $2,200 to Clay County Sheriff Terry Miller for the dash cam fund.(TD photo/Tim Blair)

Last week the effort to purchase dash cams for all of the Clay County Sheriff Department's vehicles got a huge shot in the arm, with a donation of $2,200 by Hitts Chapel Missionary Baptist Church.

"We try to do a lot in the community, but most of the time we don't seek recognition," Pastor Charles Richardson said of the donation. "We're a small church, but we believe in doing what we can for our community. In fact, we feel that's a big part of being a part of a community, that churches need to be working to make their communities a better place."

Richardson presented the check to Sheriff Terry Miller, who noted the response has been great.

"We so appreciate the support of the people of Clay County, including folks like those at Hitts Chapel," he offered.

Richardson noted this is a very important effort, and offered a friendly challenge to the other churches in the county. "Wouldn't it be great if each church would sponsor putting a camera in one of the vehicles?" he noted. "I know everyone can't do as much as others, but this is a very important effort."

He added how much the Hitts Chapel congregation appreciates the law enforcement personnel of Clay County, and offered thanks for all they do.

The effort to purchase cameras for the 11 vehicles of the CCSD began following the tragic fatal accident involving one of the deputies earlier this year in Rector. The crash, which occurred during the pursuit of a felon, claimed the life of Sadine Dixon, of Piggott, and resulted in injuries to Deputy Terry Burdin, Jr.

The fundraising effort was first started by Burdin's father, Terry Burdin, Sr., and he has continued to work toward the goal in the months since. During this time a number of donations have been made, and several fundraising efforts are still underway.

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