Piggott School Board Sets Priorities on Parker Field Project

Thursday, December 15, 2016
New natural turf was added to Parker Field this past summer, completed just in time for the football season. Up next will be the construction of the track, and work on the concession stand, in preparation for the 2017 track and football seasons.(file photo by Tim Blair)

The Piggott School Board decided the top priority concerning the improvements at the district football field are those involving renovation of the concession stand. Based on their action at Monday night's regular December meeting, updating the existing restrooms and bleachers will remain in planning stage for future consideration.

Kyle Cook, an architect from Brackett Krennerich, was on hand and asked about design requiremments concerning the new facility. He said the design depended on what requirements the school had, but it must also pass the health department's inspection. He stressed the firm's designs emphasised both efficiency and durability. During the discussion, Cook did recommend stainless steel counters because they last much longer, with very little maintenance. He also mentioned that a site survey was necessary initially, at an estimated cost at $400 to $500. Cook indicated if the design plan is settled on rather quickly, the concession stand could be completed by the start of the new school year in 2017.

Other business:

Allan Vaughn of the Clay County Office of Emergency Management urged the board to look seriously at the FEMA loan concerning building a storm shelter or safe room. He said not only would it protect many citizens from tornadoes, but it could also be used as a multi-purpose facility as well.

Fred Malicott, the engineer working with the school system on several projects, provided a cost estimate of between $340,000 and $360,000 for grading around the elementary and high school campuses to insure water flows away from, not into, the schools when flooding occurs. Currently, water tends to pool in the front due to lack of proper drainage. Hard copy proposals shall be supplied to the board members for consideration.

Kevin Rone was on hand to discuss the track portion of the improvements at Parker Field, and was asked about placement of fencing around the new track being installed. At issue was the question of whether the fence would be inside the track, outside, or on both sides.

Other questions posed to the board concerning the fence included whether they wanted it to go all the way around, or just along the side with the home bleachers. He also inquired what type of fencing was prefered, and asked if the district intended to use the old fencing and supplement it with new sections.

The board also discussed the popularity of fans wanting to watch home games from the area behind the north endzone, and it was decided to keep the grass in this area. Under the original plan it would have been eliminated.

Following the discussion the board instructed Rone to acquire cost figures on straight, coated and double-coated fencing for 600 feet to cover both sidelines of the field. The plan also calls for four gates, including a large drive-thru gate, as well.

Rone indicated the temperature would determine when work can continue on the track, as asphalt needs a minimum of 45-degrees in order to cure properly. Once the aslphalt is poured, Rone noted it should cure for about six weeks before the rubber layer is placed over the top.

During the gathering the board also approved the purchase of eight Smartboard replacements and document cameras for PHS at a cost of $6,578; accepted the bid for fuel from Watson Oil Company at $1.79 a gallon and renewed the ASBA Board Model Policy for three years at $950 per year.

During her update, Superintendent Charlie Powell reported the district enrollment was 860 as of Dec. 1. She also reported students will be dismissed at 2:15 p.m. on both Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 19 and 20, as they begin the Christmas holiday break.

Late in the meeting the board handled personnel matters, and voted to hire Mia Boren as the new high school nurse beginning when school resumes in January.

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