Piggott Man Recovering from Crash

Thursday, December 22, 2016
First responders swarm over Hunter Neeley's pickup truck Saturday morning, as they work to extract him from the wreckage.(TD photo/Tim Blair)

A Piggott man continued to recover in a Memphis hospital at last report, the victim of an early morning single vehicle crash which occurred Saturday. Hunter Neeley was airlifted to The Med following the mishap, in which the pickup he was driving apparently ran-off the north side of Highway 49 on the south edge of the city and became wedged between several trees.

The crash occurred during the 7 a.m. hour on Saturday, although the exact time had not been determined at last report. Witnesses at the scene indicated they discovered the truck just before 8 a.m. and alerted authorities. A short time earlier Neeley reportedly used his cell phone to call a friend, although he was disoriented from the crash and unable to say where the accident occurred.

"We were driving by and my buddy asked me if I saw that truck in the bushes in the curve," witness Tyler Mantz explained. "We stopped and he was hanging out one of the windows yelling for help."

Neeley is loaded onto a PCH ambulance following Saturday morning's crash on the south edge of Piggott. He was transported from the scene to the Piggott Airport, where he was taken by air evac helicopter to Memphis.(TD photo/Tim Blair)

Mantz and his companion, Donald Harmon, immediately called 911 and waited for help to arrive.

"He said he thought he had been there all night, but he was pretty confused," he added.

Personnel from Piggott Community Hospital ambulance service, the Piggott Fire Department, Piggott Police Department, Clay County Sheriff's Department and Greenway Fire Department all responded to the scene. The crash was later investigated by the Arkansas State Police since it occurred on a state highway.

Neeley was partially trapped due to the impact, and the truck was almost completely surrounded by trees and brush, complicating the extraction. As EMTs stabilized the victim, first responders removed much of the brush around the rider's side of the pickup, allowing Neeley to be eventually removed from the vehicle.

He was taken by ambulance to the Piggott Airport where an air-evac helicopter transported him to Memphis.

According to social media posts by his mother, Neeley was alert and conscience throughout the ordeal. She reported to friends and family that he has a severely broken left leg which has required surgery, and may need additional attention, along with injuries to his other leg and right arm. He also suffered lower facial injuries in the crash, some of which may require surgery.

On the bright side, Neeley continues to recover favorably from the accident and has been able to correspond with well-wishers.

At last report the crash remained under investigation by the ASP.

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