Rector Council Meets

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Rector City Council held their first meeting of the new year on Tuesday, Jan. 2, as Mayor Teresa Roofe began her second term in office. During the gathering the council handled a variety of issues, primarily the passage of the city budget for 2017.

Council also reviewed three bids which were submitted for mowing on, and around, the Rector Airport. After reviewing the bids, the contract was awarded to Bucy Turfcare. On hand to answer any questions on the subject was Scott Bucy.

During the discussion the issue of mulching leaves was addressed, which had not been included in the airport bid. Bucy indicated he would take care of the matter for an additional $700, but noted he would need to wait until dryer conditions to do a proper job.

Council members also discussed the fact the railroad is not planning to do any further maintenance and upkeep along the tracks within the city, and the matter was to be reviewed with railroad officials in the weeks to come.

In other business the council was informed the state had approved the city's financial review, with a few exceptions.

They also voted to approve Ordinance 2017-1, which amends the 2016 budget, and Ordinance 2017-2 which approves the budget for the coming year.

In the report from the various departments, it was indicated that several ended the year with the same expenditures they had in the previous year.

Rector Fire Chief Huston Bowden reported his department had purchased a new cutting tool, which he said would cut through any obstacle. He also indicated the department's rescue tools had been serviced for the first time in some 14 years.

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