Rector Community Museum Project Underway

Thursday, February 9, 2017
Pictured are, from left: Seth Mitchell, Ross Hunt and David Applegarth of Mitchell Specialties as they prepare to apply a new coating to the roof, and add new gutters and downspouts, to the museum building.(courtesy photo)

Over the course of the past several months the Rector Community Museum has received donations, honorariums, memorials and other funds allowing them to begin repair on the second story roof of the Underwood building. Johnny Williams, president of the Rector Community Museum Board, recently announced the Board of Directors had voted to allocate sufficient funds from the Museum treasury to begin this repair. And, after reviewing the several bids which were presented, the Board chose to work with Billy Mitchell of Mitchell Specialties.

For months the effort was stalled, as museum officials were rejected for various in-kind grants due to the overall condition of the roof. In response, the Board began a funding campaign and has raised the money required for the beginning stages of the Museum's repair project.

"We've worked for two years to save this building for the Museum," Williams said of the project. "We've struggled against water from rain and snow, have shored up the interior ceiling, and have worked tirelessly to raise funds. People in the community and donors can see that progress is being made and their donations are at work for the Rector Community Museum."

Williams noted the Museum is still in need of donations to continue the needed work, and to show progress when the next grant proposal is submitted. He also indicated volunteers are always needed for the next steps in the overall repair which include painting the interior and removing staples and nails from the damaged celetex ceiling.

"The Museum Board is very appreciative of the community and to all donors for their continued support for the Rector Community Museum," he surmised.

Those wanting additional information may call the museum at 870 595-4033 or visit them online at

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