Threat Against Piggott Schools Reported

Thursday, April 20, 2017

A threat against Piggott Schools was reported Thursday morning, April 20, by Superintendent Charlie Powell, who indicated at the time the parties responsible had confessed to the crime.

Powell notified parents and staff by way of a SchoolReach call at 9:47 a.m. Thursday to inform them of the matter, and that it had been resolved.

“There was a threat made against the school district for Friday, April 21,” Powell said in the announcement. “The people that have made this threat have confessed.”

Unofficial reports indicated the threat had been found over the weekend, and staff members were informed earlier in the week following the investigation by the Clay County Sheriff's Department.

“The Piggott School District takes these things very seriously and the safety of the students and staff members are of utmost importance for the district,” she continued. “Thank you to the local law enforcement and sheriff's office for helping in this matter. The continued support of the community is greatly appreciated.”

Later in the day, Clay County Sheriff Terry Miller sent a news release to the media concerning the event, noting the suspects are juveniles. The statement indicated his department was first alerted Saturday, when graffiti was found at Chalk Bluff Park.

“The graffiti referenced a possible shooting to take place at the Piggott School District. After an intensive investigation, Sheriff Miller reports that the individuals responsible for the graffiti were identified and are being charged with Falsely Making a Terroristic Threat. The case will be referred to the Clay County Juvenile Department.”

In the release, Miller offered his thanks and commendation to the Piggott Police Department, and Piggott School District, for their assistance in the matter. He further clarified that no overt actions were taken to carry out the threat, adding--”the Clay County Sheriff's Department, Piggott Police Department and the Piggott School District's first priority is the safety of the students and staff.”

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