Rector Council Talks Water Tower Bids, Warning System at Meeting

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Shannon Todd of Horner Shifrin Engineering firm in Poplar Bluff was present at Monday’s month meeting of the Rector City Council and opened two sealed bids for the repainting and necessary repair for the city’s water tower.

He said each packet answered the requirements for bid submission. McGuire Iron, based in South Dakota, presented a bid for $364,410, while Utility Service, based in Georgia, was the apparent low bidder at $335,900. Alderman David Romine said both companies provide services throughout the country. Each company’s bid came in under the council’s budget allocation for the project.

Todd also advised the council that the Department of Health will not accept anything short of a mixing system being added to the city’s tank. The mixing system can be simple in design but must be added as required by the state.

Todd will check both bids for accuracy and compliance and report to the council at the June meeting, assuring each bid’s specific ability to meet requirements, such as the tank being under repair for only 30 days and the city being able to utilize two 10,000 gallon storage tanks during that time.

Warning System

With the recent weather concerns regarding severe storms and flooding, mayor Teresa Roofe and the council discussed the malfunction of the city’s emergency system for tornado warnings this past Sunday early morning. Mayor Roofe attempted to activate the warning system about 1 a.m. Sunday and it did not operate. It had recently been replaced and tested but had experienced failure at other times. A new board had been ordered but had not arrived when the emergency presented itself. Both David and Kim Romine and Roofe met at city hall to activate the One-Call system. Kim Romine was able to type the emergency tornado warning into the digital system and the calls went out to Rector residents with One-Call service.

Police chief Glenn Leach said he and his officers would have driven the streets with sirens blaring should there have been imminent danger. The mayor expects the new control board to arrive within a week. Other council members suggested a re-emphasis on One-Call, a notification service of the City of Rector. For a nominal fee, these calls from the city to residents can be life-saving. The mayor said many residents have disconnected their phone land lines and rely completely on their cell phones, neglecting to update One-Call.

Other Business

Mayor Roofe reported on the city’s negotiation with Jay and Sarah Guite of Guite Landscaping. The Guites responded that the yearly contract for landscape work on City of Rector properties would come in at $5,500 for the year to include weeding, trimming, mulching and a special push for clean-up and beautification around Labor Day. Mayor Roofe explained to the council members that the bid is a bit over the budgeted amount, but she feels confident in accepting the Guite Landscape proposal. The council concurred.

Mayor Roofe also reported on the fire department loan that she closed with Piggott State Bank on this past Friday. She and fire chief Hutie Bowden suggested that Kim Romine, administrative assistant, and Linda Robinson be included on the signature cards for the checking account opened with PSB. A groundbreaking ceremony for the fire station addition was scheduled to take place Tuesday (yesterday) with Bowden and PSB president Cody Knight present along with city council members and fire personnel.

City superintendent Todd Watson was not present but was on city business in Hot Springs accepting an award for the water department. In his absence, Roofe presented his reports for the Water, Code Enforcement, and Street Departments.

Mayor Roofe also read a letter submitted by Linda Robinson, director of the community center, and presented a list of improvements to the facility. Included in the report were new lighting, new ceiling tiles, new benches for the front and several new flower pots to enhance the beauty of the entrance area. Robinson reported that Jane Huffman has been keeping the beds and front flower beds cleaned and replanted at each season. Robinson contacted Rector’s 4-H organization, which meets regularly at the center, to encourage their interest to assist in cleaning and maintaining the flower areas. Roofe commended the community center on its various programming and its facility improvement projects with special note about wise use of the Crockett funds designated for such work.

Fire chief Bowden reported an open position and requested appointment of Zach Childress to the Fire Department, which the council approved.

Police chief Leach presented the Police Department report.

In other business, Council members raised questions about specific properties in need of attention, one on Pine and one on Greenville. Mayor Roofe suggested a delay due to such wet conditions and the absence of Watson to field those questions. Several of the council requested a notice in the newspaper about the city service of One-Call.

Prior to the meeting being called to order, Farron Young’s petition for rezoning was addressed. Ordinance 561 was offered to the Council with approval from the Rector Zoning Commission and the signature of Carroll Hamm, chairman. All procedures for rezoning from Industrial to R-2 Residential were followed. The city attorney, Kimberly Dale, read the Ordinance. The Council suspended the rules and approved the Ordinance on the third reading. Ordinance 561 will be published and thereafter the public has 30 days to register any opposition.

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