Region Continues to React to Flooding

Thursday, May 4, 2017
Although local flood waters continue to recede, many areas on the lower east side of Piggott remained under water Monday afternoon. One of the locations which continues to have issues with run-off is the city's ball diamond complex at Independence Park. Pictured is the t-ball field and parking area, which is one of the most flood-prone areas in the city.(TD photo/Tim Blair)

Widespread flooding is still an issue across Northeast Arkansas, while the pressure has been relieved somewhat further north. Levee breaches in Randolph County continued to cause issues on Friday, which have allowed billions of gallons of water to spill across thousands of acres of mainly farmland.

As of Friday morning the St. Francis River, at St. Francis, was at 25.77 feet, well above the 22 foot flood stage and over the forecast crest of 25.5. Meanwhile, the levee breaches further south have provided some relief to the Corning area, and as of Thursday afternoon Highway 67/62 was being reopened to traffic between the two cities although commercial traffic was limited. Friday morning the river level at Corning was 15.27 feet, just over the 15 foot flood stage and well above the estimated crest of 14.5 feet.

The lowlands around Datto and Success were also problem areas earlier in the week, although much of those waters have receded as Lawrence County takes the brunt of run-off from both the Black River and Current River as conditions also continue to ease in the Pocahontas area.

Up to the minute river levels, along with current weather conditions, radar and forecasts are available on the weather tab of this website.

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