Wind Storm Leaves Wake of Damage in Piggott

Friday, May 5, 2017
Work was underway Friday morning to remove the oak tree from the Dixon home, on Crestline in Piggott.(TD photo/Tim Blair)

A strong wind storm pushed through the region late Thursday, leaving a wake of downed trees, limbs and utility lines. Several large trees were victimized by the winds in Piggott, including a large oak on Crestline which fell onto the bedroom of a local couple as they slept.

Ronny and Linda Dixon reported the large tree fell on their residence around 11:25 p.m. Thursday, collapsing the roof of the bedroom over their heads.

Friday morning the couple, along with a crew of sons and grandsons, began the clean-up process.

The Dixon's bed remained covered with much of the debris Friday morning, illustrating how close the falling tree came to crushing the couple as they slept.(TD photo/Tim Blair)

"We were sleeping when it happened, I tried to wake Linda but I think she got bumped on the head and may have been knocked-out for a second," Ronny Dixon said of the experience.

"By the time he woke me up I was pinned to the bed by part of the ceiling," Linda offered.

Luckily, the couple escaped without serious injury despite being partially buried beneath ceiling material, rafters and a ceiling fan. The tree, with its roots fully exposed, likely succumbed to high winds due to wet ground associated with the close proximity of a nearby creek.

Another large tree fell at the intersection of South Twelfth and Frisco Lane, blocking traffic and snarling utility lines in that location as well. Another large pecan tree was also downed along nearby Circle Drive, and several other locations had large limbs blown across power lines and roadways.

City utility workers, assisted by members of the Piggott Police Department and the Piggott Fire Department, worked until the early hours of the morning clearing debris and restoring power to those affected.

Additional details may be found in the upcoming print and online editions of the CCTD.

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