Weekend Storm Leaves Wind Damage in Rector

Thursday, June 1, 2017
Damage to power poles such as this, resulted in some Rector residents remaining without power for much of the holiday weekend.
TD photo/Jane Gatewood

The wind blew, the rain pounded and the hail ripped leaves on Saturday night in Rector as a strong front barreled its way through Southeast Missouri and Northeast Arkansas.

According to reports, the straight-line winds were at times in excess of 70 miles per hour.

Rector experienced quite a bit of tree damage with Bradford pear trees splitting and limbs that had been damaged in the last wind storm two weeks ago falling onto roof tops. Huge trees fell across out buildings, crashed onto awnings and gutters, damaging everything in their path. Shingles were blown off and weak limbs fell to the ground, taking some flower beds out with the fall.

A major area of damage occurred around a two-blocks area from Greenville, Maple, Park and Sixth Street. A large tree was uprooted in Steve Horton’s back yard and fell across telephone and power wires, splintering a utility pole at the top, causing multiple poles to also splinter or topple. The wires, dangerous and live until disconnected by officials, were buried under the massive tree.

Chain Electric Company out of Hattisburg, Miss., with an office in Searcy, sent two crews to Rector. These crews work for Entergy and were in Rector Sunday afternoon to set five new utility poles in back yards and replace one transformer.

“They call me and I call my crews and here we are,” said crew chief Jeff Taylor. “I’m not sure how long it will take to get these customers up and running, but the damage to utilities seems to be confined to about two blocks. When we get it fixed, 33 households will have their services restored.”

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