Piggott FFA Members Compete at State

Thursday, June 22, 2017
Members of the Piggott High School FFA who were awarded State Farmer degrees at the recent state convention were, from left: Hannah Powell, Allison Kilbreath, Molly Grace Williams and Hannah Smart.
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For Piggott High School, competing at this year's Arkansas Future Farmers of America State Convention was a great achievement. Casey Simpson, agriculture teacher for Piggott High School, commented on the success of his students at this year's convention. "We've never had anybody qualify for the state contest before, and for us that is a huge deal when we go down there and compete."

Piggott High School's FFA chapter qualified two teams to compete at state this year, an important achievement due to the fact only the top two teams in districts can go to the state convention.

Conduct of chapter meetings was one of the two teams representing Piggott at the convention. This team won the district contest, and is the first team from Piggott to get to state. The conduct of chapter meetings team placed second overall against Newport, Lamar, Greenbrier, Bradley and Emerson.

The state runner-up conduct of chapter meeting team from PHS included, from left: Front-Katie Johnson, Kaylee Smith and Charidy Featherston. Back- Clayton Coleman, Dalton James, Matthew Cheshire and Garrick Crawford.
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"We were second overall in the state, state runner up in that, so we were really excited," Simpson said.

The team members included Clayton Coleman, Dalton James, Matthew Cheshire, Garrick Crawford, Katie Johnson , Kaylee Smith and Charidy Featherston.

Conduct of chapter meetings was not the only team to compete at this year's conference. Piggott High School was also represented by its parliamentary procedure team at the conference. Piggott's parliamentary procedure team placed second at districts this year,

Members of the Piggott High FFA parliamentary procedure team, which placed third at state, includes, from left: Hannah Powell, Hannah Smart, Allison Kilbreath, Ethan Holcomb, Molly Lambert and Molly Grace Williams.
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Parliamentary procedure faced off against Greenbrier, Mountain Home, Mena and Gurdon, and placed third out of the top five schools in Arkansas. Simpson said this is no easy feat, and noted he was proud of his students and all they achieved.

Simpson added he was impressed with how fast the parliamentary procedure team has advanced in such as short amount of time.

"Most of them it's just their second year, so they are really learning at a fast curve to be at the state contest in only two years. Those kids are rolling," he observed.

The members of the parliamentary procedure team were Hannah Powell, Hannah Smart, Allison Kilbreath, Ethan Holcomb, Molly Lambert and Molly Grace Williams.

Simpson said the students' performance at the conference came from their hard work and preparations they made over the year leading up to the convention.

"The key were the students studying,” he added. "If they didn't study and put their heart and soul into it there would have been no way we would have gotten to state.”

Even though Piggott performed well at this year's convention, Simpson is already planning for next year's.

"Our next steps would be to go back through our systems, review, analyze what we did wrong, fix it and now we're going to try and win it," he concluded

Overall, a total of 15 students competed at this year's FFA State Convention. Other awards Piggott received include national chapter award, given to the top-ranking chapters in the state association, and four students received state farmer degrees—Powell, Kilbreath, Williams and Smart.

“There are 225 State Farmer Degrees handed out each year at the State Convention and this year we have had students recieve them in the following areas-- Hannah Powell for Diversified Livestock Production - Beef and Swine; Allison Kilbreath for Swine Production; Molly Grace Williams for Beef Production and Hannah Smart for Beef Production,” Simpson added. “And, to qualify each of them also met the requirements to receive a State Farmer degree.”

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