Piggott PD Issues Warning

Thursday, June 29, 2017

In light of an increase in complaints from citizens, the Piggott Police Department has announced they'll soon begin warning those individuals operating ATVs on public streets and highways. Following a short period of time, officers will be writing tickets to those already warned.

State law mandates it is illegal to operate an ATV on public streets and highways, even if the vehicle meets equipment standards, although there are stipulations. One offers exceptions for those being actively used in farming or hunting operations, which stipulates they may only be used on a public roadway to move from one field to another. Persons who have lost one or both legs may also utilize them for transportation in some circumstances, and those with other “serious walking disabilities” may do so with certification from a licensed physician. The law also notes those with such disabilities must carry their certification with them while riding such vehicles. Under these circumstances, the ATV must also be equipped with a red flag of at least 6 x 12 inches on a pole extending at least 36 inches above the level of the seat to adhere to state law.

The prohibition applies to both four-wheelers and side-by-sides, unless they are properly licensed and insured to be operated on the street.

Those wanting additional information may call the Piggott PD at 598-2295.

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