A Tribute to Lavaughn Robertson

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Bible says to “Render to all their dues--honor to whom honor.” Recently, I was thinking about the Rector High School Sports Hall of Fame (RHSSHOF) and that caused me to reflect upon the many, and significant contributions that Lavaughn Robertson has made to this organization and to the Rector community. Now is an appropriate time for me, and others, to bestow honor to whom it is certainly due. The following is based upon my memory, and I ask in advance for understanding for any inaccurate statements that I may make.

This organization would not exist today if it were not for Lavaughn Robertson. He had the initial idea to establish the Hall of Fame. He was very persistent in seeking out others to be involved in the founding of the Hall of Fame.

Lavaughn was involved in drafting the various documents relating to the organization and doing research [in the Rector Public Library] on many of the nominees. In addition, he was present for almost all of the meetings of the Board and the Selection Committee, while living about 200 miles from Rector.

One of the first things Lavaughn initiated was the production of scrapbooks to document and memorialize the achievements of the inductees to the Hall of Fame. Lavaughn has single-handedly done all the work in this effort. These scrapbooks are available for the public to examine and peruse at the Rector Public Library.

Lavaughn was the original President of the Hall of Fame. As I recall, it was his idea to have the annual Golf Event which has become one of the two biggest fundraisers for the organization.

Lavaughn was also the ‘mover and shaker’ for starting and continuing to have the Hall of Fame Basketball Classic. This event is the other big fundraiser for the organization. In addition, in 2012, Lavaughn was the moving force in establishing and seeking funding for the Robertson Family Scholarship (RFS). To date, $3,750 has been awarded to deserving graduating senior athletes.

Since inception, RHSSHOF has provided $36,430 to Rector Public Schools and committed another $6,719. In addition to the Robertson Scholarship, we have awarded $31,400 in other scholarships, and provided $7,541 that benefited the community; a grand total of $85,840.

None of this would have happened if Lavaughn had not had the original idea, the determination, and commitment to follow through with his dream.

Countless individuals have benefited because of Lavaughn Robertson’s dedication and resolve. As you have opportunity, express to Lavaughn appreciation for his efforts in recognizing athletes from the past and providing financial help to RHS, to students, and the Rector community.

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