Piggott Summer Tennis League Wraps-Up

Thursday, July 27, 2017
Top players in the Piggott girls Summer Tennis League tournament included, from left: Callie Henson, Brooke Roberts, Destini Chase, Macey Williams and Emilee Seegraves.
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Despite the hot and humid conditions, over two dozen girls and boys took part in the summer tennis league at the Piggott Municipal courts. The league is held each year by PHS tennis coach Paul Seegraves in preparation for the fall campaign.

Girls League

A total of 14 girls participated in the summer league in July. They were dividied into three divisions for pool play, determining the seeds for the annual tournament held July 18. In competition, the top two in each division received a medal. In the red division the top two were first place Emilee Seegraves and second place Madison Pool; in the black division it was Brooke Roberts in first and Macey Williams in second and in the white division Autumn Covert was first and Emma Langley second.

Top finishers in the Piggott boys Summer Tennis League tournament were, from left: Shawn-Hudson Seegraves, Brier Staples, Michael Palmer, Carrington McDaniel and Brandon Palmer.
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Championship Tournament

In the championship tournament last Tuesday, in first round play it was Langley over Covert by default, as Autumn was out of town and unable to compete. Meanwhile, Callie Henson defeated Alexis Russell 4-0; Destini Chase defeated Ashley Grissom 4-0; Ava Baggett defeated Erin Dixon 5-4 (7-5); Macey Williams defeated Molly Williams 4-0 and Madison Pool defeated Maggie Williams, who was also out of town, in a default.

In the second round, Seegraves defeated Langley 6-0; Chase defeated Henson 6-0; Brooke Roberts defeated Baggett 6-2 and Macey Williams defeated Pool 6-3.

In semi-final play Seegraves defeated Chase 6-0 and Macey Williams downed Roberts 6-4. This set-up the third place game, as Chase beat Roberts 6-0. meanwhile, in the championship set it was Seegraves taking her fifth straight summer league title with a 6-0 win over Macey Williams.

Consolation Tournament

In first round play in the consolation bracket sGrissom defeated Russell 4-0; andMolly Williams defeated Maggie Williams in a default. In the second round Baggett got a default win over Covert; Pool downed Grissom 4-2; Langley defeated Dixon 5-4 (7-5) and Henson defeated Molly Williams 4-0.

In semifinal action Pool downed Baggett 4-2 and Henson defeated Langley 4-1.

In the consolation championship Henson defeated Pool 7-6 (7-4) to take the title. Henson also won a trophy for being the top Junior Division (grades eight and under) girls player.

Boys League

A total of 12 boys took part in this year's Summer Tennis League at the municipal courts. The young men were divided into three divisions for pool play, and to determine the seeding for the tournament held last Thursday, July 20. As with the girls, the top two in each division received a medal for their performances. In the Red Division it was Shawn-Hudson Seegraves in first and Carrington McDaniel in second; in the Black Division first went to Michael Palmer and second to Brandon Palmer and in the White Division first place went to Aaron Mauldin and second to Kade Johsnon.

Championship Tournament

In first round play Aaron Mauldin earned a default win over Tyson Peters, who was out of town; Max Guite defeated Cooper Harris by default, as he was also out of town; Alex Garver beat Kade Johnson 4-1 and Brandon Palmer downed Aden Baggett 4-1.

In second round play Seegraves beat Mauldin 4-0; Michael Palmer earned a default over Guite; McDaniel beat Garver 4-1 and Brier Staples beat Brandon Palmer 4-1. In the semi-finals it was Seegraves over Michael Palmer 6-0 while Staples defeated McDaniel 6-4.

This set up the third-fourth place game, with Michael Palmer beating McDaniel 6-1 to take third. And, in the championship match Seegraves defeated Staples 6-0. This marks Seegraves' second straight senior division title. He also added his fifth straight junior division title, for players eighth grade and under.

Consolation Tournament

In the first round Garver earned a default over Peters while Brandon Palmer advanced over Harris, also by default. Meanwhile, Johnson defeated Mauldin 4-2 and Baggett earned a default over Guite.

In the semi-finals, Brandon Palmer beat Garver 4-1 and Baggett defeated Johnson 4-1.

in the championship it was Brandon Palmer over Baggett 6-4 for the consolation title.

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