Marmaduke Council Discusses Fogger, Rezoning

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Marmaduke City Council members met for their regular monthly meeting Tuesday, July 18. The council members present included Bill Muse, Keith Defries, Roy Newsom, Chris Blackshear along with Clerk Betty Jackson.

Councilman Muse performed the invocation as the meeting commenced.

Muse updated the council concerning the city's current truck fogger. He, as well as others on the council and in the community, had noticed the fogger was emitting only a small cloud, which he felt was not as beneficial as a large cloud would be. Muse explained that, because the fogger's chemical is a contact killer, a larger cloud needs to be emitted to ensure it would actually contact the mosquitos and kill them. “The bigger the cloud, the better,” Muse concluded.

Muse entertained the idea of attaining a new fogger, which he and the mayor had discussed prior to the meeting, and the council unanimously agreed with the suggestion.

Muse also suggested the funds for the new fogger be split between the mosquito fund and the emergency fund. He proposed this idea so that both funds would still maintain a substantial amount of money. He indicated, as they continue to have money coming in, they will be able to restore that money to those accounts, primarily to the emergency fund.

Council members unanimously approved this proposal.

Also, a request was made to rezone an area that is currently zoned for mobile homes. The individual making the request indicated they would like to buy the area and build nice apartments on that location; however, they are unable to do so currently because the area is zoned only for mobile homes, not for multi-family residencies.

Muse indicated the Planning and Zoning Commission had met and recommend council approve the zoning change. He also assured the council there will be further work completed by the individual regarding the City of Marmaduke to ensure their project has full support. The Council members all agreed on the recommendation, and voted to accept the request.

The Annual Housing Report conveyed that they have little wait time on residency, they have installed credit and debit card machines so patrons may now pay with cards, and they now have non-smoking rooms. Along with this report, the Public Housing Board recommended a renewal of Jason Weatherford's position on the Board for five more years. The Report and recommendation were both unanimously approved.

In addition, council members also unanimously approved the treasurer's report, minutes of the previous meeting, an annexation resolution and committee reports.

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