Piggott School Board Approves Negotiated Salaries

Thursday, July 27, 2017
he Piggott School District's new maintenance supervisor, Miles McCluskey, readies for the new year Monday by painting some of the parking barriers at PES
TD photo/Tim Blair

The Piggott School Board met in special session Thursday, July 20, handling a variety of items and addressing personel matters. Bids were opened on the band's bleacher project at Parker Field, the site was set for the upcoming school board election and negotiated salaries were approved for key administrators. The board also voted to hire a teacher for assignment at the high school.

The first order of business was to rescind the motion to approve the low bid on the access control door locks, and re-consider it with taxes included. When the bid was originally approved it did not include sales tax, and despite adding $1,465.58 for that purpose the bid was still the lowest submitted.

The board then voted to accept the new bid, in the amount of $16,121.30.

Bids on the new bleachers at the football field, which are being built as seating for the PHS Marching Mohawk Band, were then reviewed. A total of three bids were received on construction of the 150-seat unit, with the low bid by The Park Catalog of Florida in the amount of $12,925. The two other bids submitted for the project were much-higher, coming in at $20,084 and $34,000.

The board voted to accept the low bid on the project, and work was to begin as soon as possible.

The board also approved the Piggott Community Center as the lone polling site for the upcoming school board election, set for Tuesday, Sept. 19.

Interim Superintendent Barry DeHart was also authorized to explore purchasing a variety of desks for both campuses. The desks are to be obtained through the TIPS/TAPS program, which are not subject to the bidding procedure.

Board members then voted to enter into an executive session, and afterward addressed a number of personel matters.

The board voted to accept the resignations of PES principal Anthony Dowdy, who assumed the same job at Rector, and PES aide McKenzie Cluck. The next order of business was to consider negotiated salaries for the administrators.

“The jobs of superintendent, principal and assistant principal have always been negotiated salaries but we haven't done that for a number of years,” DeHart explained. “After a good deal of discussion the board decided to not fill the position of assistant principal this year and use that salary to try to get the ones we have closer to others in our area.”

Based on the recommendation, the salary of PES principal Brock Swann will be increased from $60,000 to $66,000 per year while DeHart's superintendent salary will increase from $80,000 to $83,000 a year.

“Based on what the other schools around our size are paying, such as Corning, Rector, Marmaduke and Hoxie, we're still a little low,” he added. “Our teacher salaries are in the neighborhood, but we have historically paid our administrators less than other school districts in the region. This gets it closer.”

The only top administration salary not affected is that of newly-named PHS principal Paul Seegraves, which is set to remain at $68,000 for the coming school year.

By comparison, according to the Rector District website superintendent Johnny Fowler was paid $89,010 for last year, while the two principals were paid $71,740.35 and $69,872.85.

The new salaries were approved without dissent.

Board members also voted to hire a new teacher for PHS, giving the nod to Armorel native Madison Carr. A recent ASU grad, she'll teach health and girl's PE.

The board also voted to name Mohawk Head Football/Track Coach Michael Harrell as athletic director for the coming school year pending personel policy committee approval, and promoted Miles McCluskey to the head of the maintenance department,

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