Marmaduke Shooting Claims Life of Local Man

Thursday, August 10, 2017
Investigators continued to work the crime scene in front of the Valero station in Marmaduke around mid-day on Friday. The victim was driving the black SUV in the foreground, while the man jailed was driving the white Jeep in the background.
TD photo/Ron Kemp

A mid-morning shooting at the Valero station on Friday, Aug. 4, shattered the usual peaceful atmosphere in the city of Marmaduke. The incident, which has been described as a domestic situation which escalated, left one man dead and another in custody on charges of first degree murder.

I thought at first the store was being robbed, noted Joe Dortch, who lives across the street from the crime scene. He later noted he thought he heard four shots -- one, then several others in rapid succession.

According to investigators with the Arkansas State Police and Marmaduke Police Department, the shooting occurred around 10 a.m. at the gas pumps in front of the convenience store. Killed in the incident was Jeremy R. Green, 38, of Marmaduke, and taken into custody a short time later without incident at the scene was Adam C. Brown, 37, of Hornersville, Mo.

Green was reportedly at the fuel pumps at the time of the incident and a verbal altercation began. Witnesses also indicated Green threatened Brown with part of a receiver trailer-hitch, after asking the suspect to leave him alone.

I was at work and heard what I thought was gunshots, a witness at the scene said afterward. I walked over and that guy was laying on the ground and there was a woman trying to stop the bleeding. I asked who shot him, and the other guy said, 'I did...he wasn't going to hit me with that hitch' and went and sat down in his Jeep.

Dortch told authorities he crossed the street and saw Green lying on the concrete. He also reported a woman came out of the convenience store shortly afterward, and attempted to stop the bleeding using pieces of cloth.

Marmaduke police chief Steve Franks was the first on the scene, and took Brown into custody. Personnel with the Greene County Sheriff's Department also reponded, along with members of the Marmaduke Fire Department and investigators with the Arkansas State Police.

Green was transported from the scene of the shooting, but was pronounced dead a short time later.

Brown was taken to the Greene County Detention Center, in Paragould, and was later charged with first degree murder. At last report he was being held in lieu of $1 million bond.

The obituary for Jeremy Green may be found in that section of this website.

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