Neighbor 2 Neighbor Effort Saturday

Thursday, August 17, 2017
Ben Owens, Christy Ford and Dustin Owens were among the volunteers who took part in last year's Neighbor 2 Neighbor clean-up in Rector.
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This Saturday, Aug. 19, is the date for the annual Neighbor-2-Neighbor cleanup effort in Rector. This year's event is scheduled to get underway at Rector Memorial Park pavilion adjacent to the Rector Community Center. Early birds will begin to sign-in at 7 a.m. with other work crews expected to arrive no later than 8. Organizers note the effort will conclude around 3 p.m.

“Volunteers should bring whatever yard tools they have available including riding mowers and tractors, if possible,” a spokesperson offered. “N-2-N has secured the customary support from local businesses and has purchased supplies including work gloves, bug spray, water, trash bags and related items. Because of the generosity of these local businesses, lunch is to be provided for all workers.”

Over the years, the N2N all-day, one-day effort has been embraced by many local church groups. “It’s such a thrill to see everyone joining forces toward one effort. Youth, young adults, senior adults come together with one goal of beautifying our city,” said Kim Isom.

“We have contingency plans for a rain-out or excessive heat warnings. We are keeping a close eye on the forecasts. We may take a number of breaks, depending on the weather, but we don’t want anyone, youth or adult, to compromise health,” said N2N chair Marvin Gatewood.

As a reward or incentive for youth who work all day, the committee will offer a bonus to teens. Event organizers noted these workers should be certain to sign-in at Memorial Park to get their group assignments. Adding, this incentive plan is also funded by local merchants' donations.

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