Cougar Band Trailer is Delivered

Thursday, August 31, 2017
Several members of the RHS Cougar Band posed in front of their new trailer shortly after it was delivered last week.
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Watch for the Rector Cougar Band and the new band transport trailer in the Labor Day Parade.

According to Band Director Daniel VanAalsburg, “Last year during marching season, it became noticeable that the travel bus was becoming cramped with kids and instruments, too. I approached Superintendent Fowler about the need for a trailer and he approved of the idea. The proposed purchase went before the school board and it was approved. Early in July, after much consideration on the size we’d need since the band is growing every year, we were able to make the purchase. No more will we travel with five truck-loads of band instruments rolling along behind a bus-load of kids.”

Sophie Hedge, Rector Band’s flag line routine coordinator, is also a graphic designer. Last spring Hedge designed the logo for the band and VanAalsburg presented it to parents and students at the year-end banquet. “Everyone was very excited. It’s a new brand for the band. Mr. Henderson suggested we put it on the trailer.”

“When the trailer pulled up at school during the lunch periods on Thursday, Aug. 24, about five band students burst into my room announcing its arrival. As many students as we could get gathered around to see the trailer first hand,” he continued. “We’ve been the band that competes, scores very well, yet shows up at competitions and performances at other schools in trucks and a school bus. The kids work so hard and we’ve improved our image. The kids can feel a real sense of pride not only in their musical skills but in the band as represented by this awesome trailer.”

VanAalsburg expressed much appreciation to the school board, Superintendent Fowler, Principal Henderson and others for their support of the band. He noted instilling a sense of accomplishment, pride in the work the band has done, is important for the kids and their commitment to the Cougar Band. “We conclude every practice, every day with a short band mantra: ‘Eyes with Pride’.”

The school district also approved funding for additional instruments for the band and has supported VanAalsburg’s efforts to showcase this point of pride in the community.

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