Pumpkin Hollow Set for Milestone Season

Thursday, September 14, 2017
Even the corn maze at Pumpkin Hollow recognizes the 25th season for the local attraction.
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A landmark season has arrived for local attraction Pumpkin Hollow, known as the largest pumpkin patch festival in Northeast Arkansas. Established as an agri-tourism effort in 1993, they'll mark their 25th season this fall with a special series of events which kicks off on Sept. 16. Those familiar with the attraction will have the chance to enjoy both new and returning activities this fall.

One of Pumpkin Hollow's newest attractions is the Kids' Barn, set to open Sept. 17. It is much larger than the original Kids' Barn, and was built with re-purposed wood from the original barn. The new attraction also features a goat patio on the second story loft. The barn presents interactive and educational games, as well as rabbits, turkeys, and other animals.

To celebrate its 25th season, Pumpkin Hollow will host a 5K Run/Walk called "Runnin' Scared." The 5K is set to begin Sunday, Sept. 16 at 8 p.m. Profits from this event are to be donated to the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas and the Hall & Gravel Hill Cemetery Association. Additionally, the corn maze will don the number "25" in its design.

Among the additions, The Friendly Forest has been renovated and "Country Bumpkin Playground" has been enlarged because of the celebration.

Pumpkin Hollow's Pumpkin Patch showcases over 30 different kinds of pumpkins, and specialty squashes are grown and reaped yearly. Pumpkins range from very small to extremely large sizes, and their colors range from tan to brighter hues of orange and red, among others. One special type of pumpkins, the "cow pumpkin," is valued among visitors when they are transformed into different pumpkin pastries.

Pumpkin Hollow is the largest grower and shipper of gourds in the mid-south area. More than 35 variants of gourds are grown and sold all of the United States and Canada. Some buyers including purchasers include Disney World, Anthropologie stores, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, and major motion pictures like The Alamo and two planet of the Apes movies.

Pumpkin Hollow added an exciting new addition to activities at the farm in 2016 : a double-line zip-line. This is one of the many daytime activities guests may experience. The others include hayrides, pony rides, pig scramble, Kids' Barn, Country Bumpkin Playground, Friendly Forest, pond slides, pumpkin picking, barrel train ride, pedal tractors, rubber duck races, and petting zoo. Pumpkin Hollow had Arkansas' original corn maze in 1999, and still preserves one today. Each attraction is educational and allows guests, both children and parents, to learn about farming techniques used now and in the past.

Pumpkin Hollow also features a variety of animals, including goats, sheep, pigs, calves, rabbits, and chickens.

Guests may also enjoy choosing the perfect fall decor, browsing the gift shop, and touring gourd trellises. Food, including hamburgers, hot dogs, barbecues, popcorn, shaved ice, and beverages, is provided at the Weenie Wag'n and Corn Maze concessions.

The 19th annual Horror in the Hollows is set to open Sept. 23. Horror in the Hollow features three professional farm-related haunted attractions; Forest of Fright, Bubba's Butcher Barn, and Frightmare Farmhouse.

Started in 2002, the Forest of Fright is completely dark, and showcases eerie music, foggy trails, and foul smells, along with Leroy a yurts and his family.

Bubba's Butcher Barn was opened in 2006, and features a creepy old hay barn. The Barn was upgraded and moved in 2014.

Horror in the Hollow is set to open a new haunt called Misery Manor. It's Southern charm soon turns into paranormal nightmare as the ghosts, zombies, and resident demon residing in the manor live alongside barbarous humans.

Other evening activities include Zombie Paintball Patrol, corn maze by flashlight, and night zip-lining. Zombie Paintball Patrol will open Friday, Sept. 23, and will run through Halloween on Saturday, Oct. 31.

Pumpkin Hollow is located at 610 CR 336 north of Piggott and west of St. Francis. Those wanting more information may visit them online at www.pumpkinhollow.com or call 870-598-3536.

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