Piggott Recycling Container Relocated

Thursday, September 28, 2017
The Piggott recycling bin is now located behind the city-owned building next door to the community center.
TD photo/Tim Blair

Those who recycle in the Piggott area have likely noticed the absence of the bin for that purpose, which formerly sat in the parking lot of the Country Mart Supermarket. Recently, the bin was moved to a new location in an effort to eliminate illegal use of the service—and the costs of its consequence.

At a Piggott City Council meeting earlier this year Mayor Jim Poole reported on the problem.

“We're having a lot of problems with the recycling bin, we've got people dropping off garbage, dead animals and old furniture,” he explained.

In response, the bin has since been relocated to a spot behind the city-owned building next door to the community center.

“We've moved the bin down behind the old Woodhall building,” Poole explained. “It's available during regular business hours but will be locked-down at night.”

Poole, a member of the board of the Northeast Arkansas Solid Waste Disposal District, noted the illegal dumping costs dearly.

“We lose about $250,000 every year due to illegal dumping in the recycling bins,” he offered. “Those bins are taken to the landfill where workers sort the various recyclables. When they come across a bin that has garbage or dead animals they dump it into the landfill and that costs us all money.”

The recycling bin is now located between the Woodhall building, which now serves as Piggott Fire Station #2, and the street department shed to the north. Access to the bin is available by way of Community Drive, which turns east off Terminal Road in front of the city-owned apartments.

The gate will be open for dumping recyclables from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, with the exception of city holidays.

“Only recyclable material may be put in the bin,” Poole added. “And, we don't allow anyone to dump outside the bin or on any other city property, and I can assure you that violators will be prosecuted.”

Those wanting additional information about the city's recycling bin may call city hall during regular business hours at 870 598-3791.

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