Rector Council Requests Handbook Revisions

Thursday, October 5, 2017
The Rector water tower project is now complete with addition of the graphic art.
TD photo/Jane Gatewood

Rector’s City Council, at Monday’s monthly meeting handed to city attorney Kimberly Dale a request that she draft revisions to the employee handbook to incorporate the drug free workplace non-commercial driver’s license procedures as related to the ability to drug test employees.

The provisions are to be taken from the Municipal League Handbook’s procedures. Dale will also revise the city’s funeral and bereavement guidelines to include “grandchildren” in the list of immediate family members for whom bereavement time would be allowed. These revisions will be presented to the council at the November meeting for their review and approval.

City superintendent Todd Watson announced that the city’s water tower would be at full capacity by the middle of next week, Oct. 9. City employee Brad Green said the city will start filling the refurbished, cleaned, repaired water tower Wednesday, Oct. 4, and will pull samples on Thursday. The tank should be back on line by Thursday afternoon or Friday, Oct. 6.

City-wide brush clean-up weekend will be held on Oct. 21-22, when residents are encouraged to use the time to clean up trees and yards, pile up brush, leaves and limbs for collection on Monday, Oct. 23, by the City of Rector. Green said he is concerned about having to back track because residents might not use the weekend to clean up, but wait until Monday morning when the truck goes by and then call for service.

Alderman Lark Sigsby said the city truck should make “one pass-through the neighborhood/street only” and that residents should use Saturday and Sunday to put the brush, leaves and limbs out for pick up on Monday, Oct. 23.

As additional information, alderman David Romine mentioned that residents can make arrangements with Shelton Sanitation by calling their office to request pick-up of old appliances and such. “This city brush pickup is for yard materials only, not appliances and not building materials,” he said. In a later discussion of yards and standing water, Mayor Teresa Roofe said that, as the weather has continued to be quite warm, mosquito spraying will continue through Nov. 5, the conclusion of Daylight Savings Time.

In items from the audience:

Fred Sain requested that the drain in the alley behind his shop and property on Highway 49 be repaired. Due to garbage trucks and mail trucks driving over the drain, it has collapsed and the property floods repeatedly with each rain. Watson and Roofe said the problem will be fixed and the pipe ordered, and a steel well casing be added to correct the situation.

RHS teacher Michael Hollis appeared before the council and asked whether the 10 acres offered to the 4-H Club in Rector would still be available since the 4-H Club obtained another property for their animals. Since the property belongs to the city but is located outside the city limits, Hollis wondered if the same offer might be made to Rector High School FFA. David Romine asked the nature of activity and Hollis said they would keep their animals there and, as he is the new trap shoot coach, requested use of the acreage for a trap house. The council heard his assessment and request and said the land is available for the same lease agreement.

Attorney Dale will draw up the lease between City of Rector and the Rector School District for use of 10 acres south of the city shop. Mayor Roofe said water will be metered as will electric service. The lease agreement will be presented by the council to Hollis so that he may ask Johnny Fowler, superintendent of Rector Schools, for further direction.

Teresa Fox of 1018 South Dodd Street appeared at the council’s request to resolve the building permit issue that had arisen over the past several weeks. Fox obtained a building permit for a 30’ x 40’ modular home. However, her plans changed and she is in the process of combining two portable buildings into one residence which is not what the original permit allowed. Misinterpretations and misunderstandings abounded with the Rector Planning and Zoning Commission being present and asked for their input. They were caught unaware and requested to learn more before making a statement of approval or disapproval. Fox insisted that the two portable buildings can be brought up to code and would look like a single residence in the R1 zoned neighborhood.

After much discussion, the building permit was not approved because the two storage buildings on the property are not a single residence as Ms. Fox originally stated. She had provided documentation for the originally planned structure. Fox and her fiancé, Anthony Roberts, were advised to make their plea to the Zoning Commission, chaired by Carroll Hamm, for further investigation and clearing up of multiple misunderstandings. The council could be approached again in appeal should the Zoning Commission not approve Fox’s updated plans.

Fox and Roberts accepted that the two buildings are not permitted, but they could not accept that the council would not give approval as the family has made headway connecting the two buildings and bringing the structures up to single residence code, even though the work was done without approval. “No one said for us to stop work -- you should have told us to stop work,” Fox said. No progress was being made toward a resolution and, when Roberts said the family had obtained a lawyer, the discussion ended.

In other business, the water department reported an above average month, code enforcement had brought four properties to court, the street department had completed some repairs. The fire department is continuing to work on the new building, donating their time and expertise for the past four weeks, spending two to three hours per night and weekends to make the improvements.

Alderman Sigsby said the council would like to commend the department’s excellent work.

The Rector Downtown Central group reported that the Movie in the Park for fall will be held on Oct.14, beginning at 6 p.m. with Halloween costume activities and the movie Hocus Pocus beginning at 6:30. On that same day, the City-Wide Yard Sale will take place. During this yard sale, no permit is required, but those participating should contact Christina Boyd to register.

In property issues, superintendent Watson noted the following: 718 South Phillips - owner is making good progress, 513 South Ballard – the house is gone, 401 East First Street -- burned-out trailer and the owner will be issued a citation, 212 South Fordyce -- being cleaned up, 214 South Fordyce is being worked on with the back area of the house being removed. The Rector Auction Building on Fourth Street is deemed dangerous and the alley has been roped off. The owner is removing the material inside that he wishes to keep. The building will be razed. Watson also said 620 West Sixth Street is of certain concern.

The next Rector City Council meeting will be on Nov. 6, beginning at 6 p.m., a routine change in starting time with the end of Daylight Savings Time.

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