Piggott School Board Approves Raises

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Members of the Piggott School Board gathering for their regular meeting Monday night. Due to the recent school election, this month's meeting began with the election of board officers. Officers for the coming year include Brad Dunlap as president; Chris Roberts as vice president and Jennifer Rahn as secretary. At large members include Jim Threatt and the recently re-elected Hope Burns.

Following the election, the board turned its attention to the agenda at hand. Among the items approved at the gathering was the new salary schedule, which reflects a five percent across-the-board raise. The board also voted to allow home-schooled students the chance to attend classes at PES, with stipulations.

Interim superintendent Barry DeHart updated the board on the elementary roof project. He indicated he had been in contact with Marty Brazell, who runs R.B.T. Construction Roofing Division. Brazell drew up a plausible project plan and shared it with DeHart. Brazell and Todd Welch, the architect for the project, are to meet and tweak the project plan to assure it meets all of the required state guidelines.

Also, the board further discussed a new sidewalk to the elementary playground. This sidewalk would be handicap accessible, and would be built from the ABC School to the playground. The board unanimously approved the new sidewalk project, which is to be built by Doug Norton for $5,000.

The board then voted to enter into executive session to discuss two items regarding personnel; the hire of a part-time RN, and hiring lunch duty. After reconvening, the board unanimously approved the hiring of Paula Magee as the part-time RN, with no more than six hours a week at $20 per hour. Additionally, the board accepted the recommendation for those to be assigned as lunch duty personnel as follows: at PES--Elisha Brown, Veda Crittendon, Jourdan Moore, Tishana Laxton, Paula Richardson, Debbie Scott, Nancy Seal, Darla Kilbreath, Ashley Riddle, Erica Wicker, Lynn Poole, Jerica Heath and Diana Vanderkooi. Staff at high school include Michael Harrell, Alan Rabjohn, Danny Baldwin, Jacob Johnson and Seth Medlen.

Furthermore, DeHart recommended the purchase of two new copy machines, one for each campus, at a cost of each $6,500. Each will have a five-year warranty, dependent upon the number of copies. DeHart had been in contact with Terry Bradshaw, at Hutton Office Supply, and brought this suggestion before the board. The board briefly discussed the suggestion and unanimously approved the purchases.

DeHart also mentioned uniforms for the maintenance crew. Members of maintenance department had expressed a desire for a uniform, prompting DeHart to do some research. Since the payment for tuniforms would have to come out of the employee's paycheck, no action was taken, as DeHart is communicating with the staff in an effort to find a resolution.

The board discussed a new sign for the Elementary School. The new sign would retain the frame and base it has now, but would be an LED screen, which could be updated easily. Research is being done on the cost, and the board will re-visit the idea at a future meeting.

The board also took care of the annual job of electing a disbursing office, normally done by the board secretary. The new secretary, Jennifer Rahn, was nominated by Burns and elected without dissent.

During his update, DeHart informed the board of recent wins by the various Mohawk sports teams, mentioned obtaining classroom posters from an upcoming co-op, and his intent to speak with Sheriff Terry Miller regarding a resource office. He also noted Miller will be sitting-in on any interviews for that position.

Mohawk Football Coach Michael Harrell discussed businesses in town desiring to post signs around t football field fence as a way of advertising. The board briefly discussed this, and asked research to be done concerning cost, size of the signs, as well as other aspects. Harrell also reported the next window of opportunity for completing construction on the track could take place between Friday, Oct. 27, and Tuesday, Oct. 31. If the job is not complete at that time the work will have to wait until after Nov. 11, the date of the last possible Mohawk football home game of the season.

High school teacher/counselor Faith Conley brought research to the board regarding prom attire. Conley is going to gather a committee, and will then create guidelines regarding what is appropriate and inappropriate to wear to formal dances. She also mentioned she had polled some juniors and seniors regarding the prom banquet.

No action was taken, but recently the board has discussed the idea of eradicating the banquet and having finger foods after the Grand March instead.

DeHart brought up the alternative methods of instruction plan for getting credit for snow days. The board had asked for 10 snow days, and are waiting to hear from the state if those days were approved or not. DeHart explained this would make it easier on teachers and parents, as they could be called the night before and notified if classes were cancelled the next day but still allowing the student to complete the needed work.

In addition, the board unanimously voted to approve:

- The minutes from the previous meeting, the annual public meeting and special meeting

- Financial reports

- The adoption of a resolution on the five percent increase in salaries

- Statement of Assurances

- Classified salary schedule

- Policy on Home School for Elementary students, which states that a home-schooler may enroll in less than a full day of classes as long as no extra staff would be necessary

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