Producers Wrapping Up Successful Harvest

Thursday, October 19, 2017
The 2017 cotton harvest is drawing to a close with excellent yields reported county-wide. Experts also note favorable weather has aided local producers in the process.
TD photo/Tim Blair

For producers in Clay County, this has been an exceptional year for row crops. At this point, all of the crops have had great yields.

The corn has been harvested for a several weeks now, and regional farmers enjoyed some outstanding yields. Harvest went smoothly and timely. We have had fantastic rice yields with around 99 percent of the total rice acres now harvested. It has been ideal harvest weather for the past several weeks allowing farmers to get more done.

Soybeans are yielding high as well. Currently, they are around 25 to 30 percent harvested. The rain event we had a couple of weeks ago set back harvest just a few days, but it quickly picked back up. Most of the early beans have been harvested and now farmers are making their way to their later beans.

The cotton is also excellent this year. The thrips and plant bugs were tough to deal with earlier in the year, but the farmers fought back and won. As a result, there have been some farmers picking well over 1,500 pounds per acre so far. The harvest conditions have also been perfect and there is a lot of cotton moving out of the fields. The rain we had last week, and over the weekend, set us back some but it won’t take long to get back in the fields. To proceed we will need the wind to dry it out and the sun to help bleach some of the lint. Once it is dries out a little, and whitens up, they will be right back at it.

In fact, there will be many more acres open and ready to pick this week as soon as the rain from the weekend dries up. Farmers are going just as hard as they can go to get their cotton out before the next big rain event hits.

Overall, you just almost couldn’t ask for a better year for row crops. Local farmers have worked hard, and have done an outstanding job this year, and they have high yields to prove it.

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