Industrial Prospect Discussed at Council Meeting

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Members of the Piggott City Council met in special session at noon on Thursday, Nov. 16, approving an ordinance to waive competitive bidding on the purchase of a generator. Prior to the special gathering, Mayor Jim Poole informed council members of an upcoming meeting concerning a possible tenant for the now-empty Woodhall building.

The special gathering was called to consider an ordinance which would waive competitive bidding on the purchase of a back-up generator. According to Poole, the city seeks to purchase another back-up generator to provide emergency service if needed. Currently, there are two generators on stand-by to provide fresh water, and remove sewage, although only one of them is portable.

The city had sought to purchase another portable unit, but wanted to purchase an older model due to the changes required for those deemed “tier four.” These new units have an additional pollution control device, which brings with it an increase in price of $20,000 to $25,000.

Utilities Director Brian Haley reported an older “tier three” unit had been located by contacting several vendors. He noted Power House Electric, Inc., had a 2013 used tier three demonstrator 175 KW portable generator for sale. He noted the unit only had 12 hours of run time, and came with fuel tanks and a DOT approved trailer.

Haley indicated the generator met all the requirements the city had, and is well within the funds budgeted for the acqusition. Total price for the unit was set at $63,212.

He further added the unit is powered by a John Deere engine, and included the standard one-year or 3,000 hour warranty.

“This unit is the same size as the portable unit we now have that mainly services the (sewage) lift station,” Haley offered. “It's important that we not only have a generator at the well to provide water, but one at the lift station, too—so we can disperse the wastewater.”

He also noted if the third generator is not needed to run the water and wastewater facilities, it could be pressed into service to provide power for the community center to be used as a shelter or to provide electric for city hall to continue dispatching of emergency service personal.

The council members concurred, approving the ordinance and the accompanying emergency clause on a vote of 4-0.

Prior to opening the meeting, Mayor Poole indicated a meeting is set for early December with a prospective tenant for the Woodhall building. He noted the city was not at liberty to release any further information concerning the meeting, but indicated the company interested in the facility could make good use of what it has to offer.

The building, and the 18 acres it sits on, are under a 99 year lease agreement which was first signed in 1989. Currently, city leaders are reviewing the lease agreement and running a title review in preparation for the meeting.

In addition to Mayor Poole and Haley, those on hand were council members Mike Cook, Jamey Parks, Jeff Benbrook and Travis Williams; city clerk Ramona Magee, city attorney Kimberly Dale, police chief Don Poole and code enforcement officer Nathan Blakeley.

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