DHS Christmas Effort Another Success

Thursday, December 21, 2017
In keeping with recent tradition, several current and former Piggott Mohawk football players, joined by coaches and family, assisted the Clay County Department of Human Services with their annual Christmas project distribution on Monday. Pictured are just some of the volunteers, which included from left: Front-DHS Administrator Annette Dutka. Back-Nate Mallard, Drake Featherston, Luke Boyd, Cory Fuller, Cade Harrell, Trey Gossett and Bret Fuller.
TD photo/Tim Blair

Thanks to the generosity of local and regional residents, churches, clubs, organizations and businesses the Christmas season will be a much brighter one for a number of Clay County families. Once again this holiday season, those who are able stepped-up to help provide a better Christmas for dozens of families. Keeping a tradition as old as the holiday itself.

The Clay County DHS began distributing toys and food items to families in the 1980s, and continued the program this year with the help of many.

“According to Sheriff Terry Miller, there were 38 families that took part in the “Shop With a Cop” program at Corning, which included over 70 kids,” DHS administrator Annette Dutka shared on Monday. “There were six families in the Rector area that we took care of, which included 14 kids. And, in the Piggott area there were 37 kids from 20 different families in just the ones we handled.”

Dutka noted there were dozens of other Clay County families who received help this year, thanks to the efforts of local schools, churches and individuals.

“Next year we hope to be able to work a little closer with the schools, and other efforts, to better coordinate our project, with what they're doing,” she added. “Our numbers don't reflect all those other great efforts, and the kids and families they helped.”

Dutka offered thanks to everyone who donated gifts, or funds, to help make the DHS effort a success once again. She also added a word of thanks to the Piggott Mohawk football players, coaches and family members who helped distribute some of the local items as special “elves” on Monday morning.

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