Piggott School Board Gives Okay for Lighting Project

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Piggott School Board discussed an effort to change from the current lighting in the majority of the offices and schools to LED lights at their regular meeting Monday night. Excel Energy Group is seeking to do the job, and has done over 1,600 lighting projects, helped 35 percent of schools in the state change to LED lights. The company noted they have worked in schools in Corning, Jonesboro and other nearby areas.

The company is prepared to take on the 10-day project installing LED lights in the elementary and high school, as well as the offices and any other areas the board requests. They will also set up new fixtures to replace old ones. Under the terms of the deal, the board will have no financial obligation until all work is complete, and then will be able to pay cash, set up finances, or pay some cash and set up finances for the remaining total. Excel Energy also offers a 10-year warranty.

The board discussed the proposal by the company, and unanimously approved the effort. A contract will be drawn by the group and given to interim superintendent Barry DeHart for the board to look over, with the work expected to begin at the end of January or the beginning of February.

Superintendent DeHart informed the board that the plans for the elementary roof had been approved by the state. Copies of the plan will be sent to different companies which have shown interest in doing the work. Bids will begin coming in, and DeHart is expecting to have a meeting in a few weeks in order to discuss the bids and vote on what company the board would like to use for the work.

Later, the board went into executive session to discuss hiring staff for high school lunch duty personnel and discuss the superintendent's contract. When reconvened, the board unanimously accepted the lunch duty personnel of Allan Rabjohn, Jacob Johnson, Seth Medlen, and Michael Harrell and the full-time elementary personnel as Judy Bautista. Also, the board unanimously agreed for DeHart to serve as the interim superintendent for the 2018-19 school year upon his receiving an Arkansas license.

During his update, DeHart discussed hiring a resource officer. He and PES principal Brock Swann plan to meet with Sheriff Terry Miller to form a plan, including the time the officer would be working and salary. He also informed the board the new agriculture department truck should arrive the beginning of February, the employees of the month are Melissa Moore and Sheila Mayberry and the school is considering last Thursday's gas leak at the elementary half a school day and half of an AMI day, since that day school could not be in session.

Furthermore, the board unanimously approved the minutes from the last meeting and the financial reports.

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