Piggott School Board Meets, Re-news Contracts

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Piggott School Board met for its regular meeting Monday, March 12, at the administration building.

The board discussed rehiring of certified personnel for both high school and elementary for the 2018-19 year in an executive session lasting about an hour and a half. After emerging from the session, the board unanimously approved of rehiring the following:

- High School: Jo Adams, Danny Baldwin, Madison Carr, Jenny Cheng, Faith Conley, Karen Coomer, Stacy Crommie, April Flowers, Amber Harrell, Michael Harrell, Stephen Harryman, Shawn Hearn, Melissa Hopkins, Jacob Johnson, Natalie Kennedy, Codie Lancaster, Sandra Little, Jennifer McPherson, Jenna Mobley, Andrea Nanney, Stacey Peters, Alan Rabjohn, Walter Rau, Amanda Russom, Alissa Seal, Casey Simpson, Jeri Lyn Swann, Jerri Tate, Penny Veal, Jennifer Vernon, Jon Wellman, Lisa Woolery and Jeremy Wortham.

- Elementary: Barbara Batey, Shelby Beck, Sue Blair, Laura Brantley, Gina Brewer, Vicki Brown, Katrina Chadwell, Andrea Coomer, Raquel Crawford, Allison Crittenden, Debbi Dunlap, Tammy Gordon, Erica Harris, Vanessa Hartwell, John Heath, Tonya Helms, Pam Hoggard, Marissa Howell, Cassie Knight, Veleda Langley, Ellen Meadows, Amy Moore, Pam Morgan, Amber Murray, Cathy Norred, Kayla Rahn, Kaitlyn Rau, Jessica Robertson, Megan Ruhmann, Natasha Seal, Heather Seegraves, Jenna Stender, Penny Toombs, Heather Tullos, Jessica turner, Christy Wortham and Sherri Wright.

In addition, the board discussed the licensed and classified salary schedules and indexes. The board discussed the one percent raise of the salary indexes in order to meet the state's required numbers. The board was also informed that each increment would need to be increased by $365 in order to meet the set of requirements. The board unanimously approved to send the schedules to the Personnel Policy Committee for them to look over, make suggestions, approve, and send back to the board. The board will discuss this further after the committee has responded.

Additionally, superintendent Barry DeHart provided information regarding a submitted JU Grant. He indicated Sherry Taylor and Debbie Baker submitted a request for a grant of $30,000 to go towards equipment, such as treadmills, for a wellness room at the high school. Anyone in the school system could use the room, and someone certified would be able to request set times to use the room with the community. The grant would also include storage for the equipment, and some pamphlets and books regarding wellness, such as eating healthy. Members unanimously approved allowing the grant process to continue.

DeHart also mentioned a request from transportation director Fred Hicks concerning the purchase a used bus. The used bus would cost about $72, 820 and would be a route bus. The board unanimously approved the purchase.

Furthermore on this issue, another request had been made to purchase a new bus to replace an older and smaller bus, but the new bus would not be paid for until next year. DeHart suggested the board approve this request, and the board agreed. Finally, the last request was to take a bus that would be replaced to the annual FFA farm sale in April. The board approved of this action as well.

Additionally, the board discussed the Apex license renewal. Jon Wellman recommended the board to the option with a bid of $3,000 which offered 20 seats, noting if more are needed they can be added at the same price of $150 each. The board unanimously agreed to renew the license with this option.

The board discussed the proposed budget of expenditures with tax levy for the fiscal year, to begin July 1, 2019, and continue to June 30, 2020. The board unanimously gave their approval.

Also, the board briefly discussed student insurance for the 2018-19 school year. Superintendent DeHart suggested the district remain with Health Special Risk, and the board unanimously agreed. Furthermore, the board approved of the therapy provider from NEA Therapy for the 2018-19 school year.

The board unanimously approved of the school calendar for the 2018-19 school year, presented by Karen Coomer. Coomer explained that her, as well as others, took polls to see what high school and elementary students preferred, and went with the majority vote.

The board also discussed setting the cost of adult lunches in the cafeterias at $3.55 and adult breakfasts at $2.10. At this point it was unclear if student breakfast and lunch prices would increase, as that information is not yet available.

In other business, the board unanimously agreed to approve the regular minutes, and the minutes of two special meetings, along with the financial report.

Special Meeting

The Piggott School Board met in special session at 5:15 p.m. on Thursday, March 8, at the administration building.

During the gathering, the board briefly discussed the two bids for the elementary school's roof. During the discussion, superintendent Barry DeHart suggested the board accept the low bid from Jonesboro Roofing Company. The board unanimously approved the recommendation. DeHart explained the maximum amount of days for the work to be done would be 150 days. However, he indicated the work will most likely be done sooner. He noted the maximum days were set at 150 to account for possible weather which could interrupt the work.

In addition, the board discussed an addendum to the turf renovation of the track at Parker Field. DeHart noted when work began on the track, there were some unaccounted costs, which added up to $509. The board unanimously approved payment of the addendum.

In other business, PES principal Swann brought a book for elementary before the board. The book, titled The Little People's Guide to the Big World, would be given to every first grader, starting next year, for the next two years. The book would be provided at no cost to the school. It entails situations such as going to the dentist and how to deal with them. It is suggested parents read it with their children in order to help them handle situations better. The board voted without dissent to allow the distribution of the books to the students at PES.

Additionally, the board unanimously approved an hourly pay rate of $18 for the position of resource officer and waived the reading of regular minutes The board also voted to enter into an executive session, which continued for about an hour. Afterward, they re-convened and voted to adjourn without taking any action.

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