Marmaduke City Council Meets

Thursday, March 29, 2018

A light agenda was addressed as the Marmaduke City Council met for their regular meeting on Tuesday, March 20.

During the gahtering, Mayor Steve Dixon informed the council there were two bids submitted for the sidewalk construction from Main Street to Dollar General. The two bids were Crabtree and Son out of Bono for $19,500 and Smithpresson Construction out of Marmaduke for $14,900. Both bids included a five-foot wide sidewalk, both met the required standards and both required the city to move the church sign slightly. The council unanimously agreed to accept the low bid, and to approve Smithpresson Construction for the job.

In addition, Police Chief Steve Franks informed the council that the AED they used in emergencies had quit working. He noted they had an emergency situation in which they needed to resuscitate someone, and were unable to use their AED. He indicated there were three people rotating CPR on the person and though they were able to resuscitate the individual, they needed the AED at that moment and were unable to use it. They believed the issue was either the machine or the battery. Franks noted the battery had been replaced before and was supposed to last five to seven years, but did not. Replacement costs ranged anywhere from $300 to $400.

It was noted the local ambulances use the Zoll machine. Franks added if the council agreed to purchase this machine, it would cut down on time during emergencies and most likely last longer than their AED machine has. He also indicated when an ambulance arrives on the scene of an emergency, the AED pads used on the individual would have to be changed to the Zoll pads the ambulance utilizes, which takes valuable time. However, if was noted if a Zoll machine was used by both the ambulance and on the fire engine that is sent in response to medical calls, the pads would not need to be changed, as they would work with both machines.

He also indicated that in order to not lose the pads, the fire department could take a couple from the ambulance, since the two pads on the individual will then go to the ambulances stock.

In response, the council unanimously approved the purchase of a Zoll machine for the fire engine used in response to local medical calls.

Mayor Dixon also informed members that the Paragould Fire Department bought a new brush truck, and they have an older brush truck they were willing to sell to the Marmaduke department at an excellent price. Dixon noted the older brush truck is a mid-to-late 80s model and is in good condition. Equipped with a 300-gallon tank, the crew cab truck is four-wheel drive, has a substantial pump with around 150 PSI and decent skid unit. Dixon noted under normal circumstances this truck would cost somewhere between $4,000 and $5,000. However, Paragould wants $1,000 for the vehicle, which would be transferred to the Marmaduke department if they purchased it.

It was indicated the truck would still be technically owned by Fourth Street, and they are essentially getting money for the equipment on the truck. Therefore, if they were ever to get the truck back, Marmaduke would keep the equipment because they paid for it, and Fourth Street would only receive the truck.

Noting the item had not been budgeted for this year, Dixon indicated the department could use the Future Fire Needs Fund to pay for it if they wanted to approve the purchase. The council unanimously voted to allow the purchase to proceed.

Fire Chief Nicki McDowell brought three firefighter applications to the board. Jimmy Parrish worked with the Marmaduke Fire Department for 15 years, and spent some time at North East Fire Department. Derrick Darnell worked as a firefighter in Jonesboro and is also an EMT. Reed Register is 19 years old and has completed basic training. The council briefly reviewed and discussed the applications before unanimously voting to hire all three firefighters. This will bring the firefighterís roster up to 18 volunteer firefighters.

Mayor Dixon briefly updated members of the council on the fire departmentís training room. He estimates the work to be done in the next 30 days, and commented things are moving along very nicely.

Dixon also reminded the council of the two generators they purchased last year from surplus. He added they are required to install the generators in City Hall by the end of May. Dixon indicated the city had budgeted $6,000 for the installation, and said work would begin soon.

Council also discussed the suggestion of hiring someone to work in the city doing maintenance for the summer, allowing for more work to be done. Dixon stated he would look into finding someone to hire to work around 20 hours per week.

Also, the council unanimously approved the financial reports and minutes from the last meeting.

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