Mohawk Weight Lifters Host and Win Meet

Thursday, April 12, 2018
The Mohawk weight team edged Hoxie to take first in the meet they hosted Monday.
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The Piggot Mohawk “Ironworkers” weight lifting team hosted a meet Monday afternoon and took first place over Hoxie and Doniphan. The meet was held at the Piggott Mohawk Athletic Complex, as the Mustangs and Don's visited PHS for the occasion.

Taking first place in their divisions were several members of the Mohawk team, as they competed in the bench press and power clean. On the day the Tribe got several strong performances, with a number of Piggott lifters taking first in both events in their weight division.

The first to do so was Issac Langley, as the took first in the bench press for participants 123 pounds and lighter with a lift of 145 pounds. Langley then followed that up with a 155 pound power clean, edging the lifters from Hoxie and Doniphan by 30 pounds.

Piggott's Corbin Midkiff took first in the 133 to 148 weight division in both, as he bench pressed 195 pounds to edge both competitors by 20 pounds. He also won the power clean, as he lifted 215 pounds to beat the Hoxie lifter by 10 pounds.

Gunner Shaw was first in the power clean in the 149 to 165 weight class, as he lifted 265 pounds and edged the closest competitor by 10 pounds. Meanwhile, Sky Wright was third in the power clean in the 166 to 181 weight class.

Lane Buchanon dominated the 182 to 198 pound class, winning the bench press by 35 pounds as he lifted 270; then edging teammate Brandon Wellman by 20 pounds to take the power clean with 245 pounds.

Cade Harrell also swept his weight division, taking the bench press for the 199 to 220 pound class by 30 pounds as he lifted 295. Harrell then took first in the power clean, as he lifted 245 pounds while second place Alex Gibson, of Piggott, lifted 225 to tie with a Doniphan lifter.

Another talented PHS senior, Nate Mallard, also dominated the 221 to 242 pound weight division, winning both events. Mallard bench pressed 305 pounds, a full 20 pounds more than the second place entry from Doniphan. His performance in the power clean was even more dominate, as Mallard's 275 pound lift was 80 pound more than the second place lifter from Hoxie as he recorded just 195 pounds.

In the 243 to 259 weight class Piggott's Dominic Reagan was third in the bench press while Dalton James was third in the power clean. Piggott's Devyn Riley was third in the bench press for the 260-pound-and-up class, while Kyson Conley was second in the power clean.

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