State Issues School Report Cards

Thursday, April 19, 2018

The state Department of Education has released its annual report on school performance, which assigns each of the 1,040 schools in Arkansas a letter grade from A to F. Of the local campuses, the majority scored a C.

State officials note the grades are based on numerous factors, such as studentsí scores on standardized tests and their academic improvement over a period of time. Graduation rates and school quality are also factored into the letter grades.

Schools which received failing grades will not be penalized, according to the state education commissioner.

The two campuses at Rector both received C grades, with the report card reporting 320 students at RES and 268 at Rector High School. Piggott Elementary boasted 450 students on the report card, with 419 at PHS, and both earned a C. Meanwhile, Marmaduke Elementary School had an average of 395 students and garnered a C, while Marmaduke High had 345 students and earned a B on the latest report card.

Also earning a B was Corning High School, which reported 420 students on the report card. The other two Corning schools both had C's, including Park Elementary for kindergarten through second grade with 210 students, and Central Elementary for third through sixth grade with 278 students.

The report covers the most recent school year, 2016-2017. The most common grade was a C, for all school levels.

Of the elementary schools in the state about 37 percent received a C, while 32 percent of middle schools and 40.5 percent of high schools earned the grade. There are 535 elementary schools in Arkansas, and 22 were graded F. Of the 204 middle schools, two received an F and out of the 301 high schools in the state, nine got an F.

On the positive side, 83 elementaries, 46 middle schools and 34 high schools got an A.

Those wanting to access the full report may visit and search on the ADE My School Info link.

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