Heirloom Quilt Donated to Piggott Library

Thursday, April 19, 2018
Dorothy Turek, Piggott Library Director Gay Johnson and Joe Turek show-off the quilt which was donated to the the local library.
Td photo/Tim Blair

The Piggott Public Library received a special donation last week, as two out-of-state visitors made a stop at the local library to do genealogy research.

Dorothy Turek, and her brother Joe Turek, made the trip from Illinois to Piggott to research their grandfather, Finis Liddell. While at the library they donated a handmade quilt which dated back to the late 1890s. The quilt is embroidered with the names of many of the early residents of St. Francis, and the Chalk Bluff community—including their grandfather and his father.

“Finis was our grandfather,” Dorothy explained as she pointed to one of the panels. “This would have been when he was about five years old. His father was Robert Liddell.”

his panel is dated 1892 and is marked “Rev. Graham St. Francis M.E. Church.
TD photo/Tim Blair

The quilt included panels for a number of families, individuals and churches. Two of the panels are dated 1892, which is believed to be the date the quilt was created.

The Tureks had come to Piggott to look into the Liddell family history, taking advantage of the vast amounts of genealogy information on record at the local library. Later, they planned to drive to the St. Francis and Chalk Bluff areas to visit grave sites in both the Hall and Gravel Hill cemeteries before returning to Illinois.

Johnson offered her thanks to the Tureks for the donation of the quilt, and indicated it would be added to the growing number of items in their collection.

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