Rector High School Honors Day

Thursday, May 10, 2018
The students recognized at the RHS Honors Day
TD photo/Jane Gatewood

On Wednesday, May 2, Rector High School teachers, students, parents, and community members gathered in the RHS gymnasium for the annual Honors Day Ceremony. Principal Nate Henderson welcomed the large crowd which proved to be an appreciative audience, giving generous applause to all announced honors and recognition. The ceremony began with a Sydney Wofford-produced senior slide show which contained photos of each senior as an infant, later as a child and a current senior photo. Following those slides, another set of photos depicted seniors as they enjoyed activities in Rector School System from Kindergarten through the current year. The class’ song, Five More Minutes from Scott McCreery’s album, Seasons Change, played throughout the presentation. The lyrics remind adults and children that “the good times just keep on flying right on by like nothing.” The song writer/ vocalist says he wishes he could push the pause button because moments like the ones he named don’t stop. He says he’d “give myself five more minutes.”

Representatives of Gideon’s International presented each senior a pocket-sized New Testament. Several awards were presented by outside agencies including two seniors who achieved BRTC’s CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) and Allied Health certifications. Brittany Lawrence of the Black River Technical College based in Pocahontas named Jarek Ellis and Nick Mesa as completers of the rigorous program. She expressed appreciation to the Rector School District for the opportunity this year saying she looks forward to “pursuing further partnerships.”

Debbie Baker of the Clay County 4-H Youth Leadership program announced eight juniors who achieved high scores throughout the year’s program. Those eight are Gabby Clark, who was awarded the $1,000 Helping Hands Foundation 4-H Scholarship for her upcoming senior year, Ashlyn Mills, Conley Lockhart, Sarah Robinson, Sawyer Hendrix, Colton Lindsey, Colbie Robinson Evan Dooley.

Henderson announced that one student attained perfect attendance for the entire school year. That student is McKenzie Champion.

For the junior high best all-around award, Henderson explained the faculty votes to select winners for this award. The teachers’ votes are based on the student’s excellent grades, high character, community service, and extra-curricular activities. The winners are Elizabeth (Ellie) Ford and Lane Stucks. The best all-around award for the senior class will be announced at graduation.

Principal Henderson announced the Class of 2018 Honor Graduates. In addition to Sydney Wofford, Valedictorian, and Hunter McNeely, Salutatorian, they are Kirk Beshears, Brianna Glasco, Adria Kemper, Samantha Urbanski, Garret Burns, and Tabor Trail. Henderson also awarded certificates to students achieving A-B Honor Roll for the entire year and announced students who achieved the All-A Honor Roll for the entire year. These students also received recognition at the Renaissance Program Assembly.

Seniors recognized for A-B Honor roll all year are Jordan Wilson, Sam Simmons, Jasmine Rodden, Nick Mesa, Hunter McNeely, Brad McMillian, Frank Herrera, Garrett Rhodes, Andrew Gannon, and Garrett Burns. Seniors recognized as achieving All-A Honor Roll for the year are Sydney Wofford, Eterneiti Lindsey, Kirk Beshears, and Raven Beltz.

Amber Teager, National Honor Society sponsor, announced 2018 new NHS members. Seniors elected are Adria Kemper, Andrew Garron, Sam Simmons, Caine Walker, and Nick Mesa. Juniors named are Clara Benito, Grace Cox, Julie Walker, Taisha Morgan, Dustin Owens, Erin Laio, Makenna Spear. New sophomores in NHS are Kaylee McDaniel, Lareesa Cook, Kaley Hale. New members of the junior National Honor Society are freshmen Emily Garron and Laura Johnson. Eighth graders added to the roster are Millie Barker, Devin Brown, Lane Casebier, Lexie Green, Liberti Walker, Andrew Williamson, Haven Wilson. Seventh graders are abby Beck, Hailey Butler, Tyler Brady, McKenzie Champion, Alexis Harmon, Landon Haywood, Jackson Hill, Evan Holmes, Kaley Isom, Kameron Jones, Isabella Mosley, Carter Pence, Carley Rodden, Audrey Schimming, Ethan Simmons, Madison Wolfenbarger.

In addition, those currently holding membership in the Junior National Honor Society are freshmen Zoey Blount, Hailey Davis, Hannah Frost, Faith Fry, Alexis Herrera, Zane Holloway, Jacob Holmes, Erika Murrell, Makena Parrish, Sophie Simmons, Emily Stirnaman, Madison Stokes, Sadey Underwood. Current 2017-18 eighth graders in the junior honor group are Jerron Bucy, Ellie Ford, Morgan Garner, John Ford Hendrix, Zoe McNabb, Hayley Naney, Cierra Rients, Carly Robinson, Lane Stucks, Olivia Sutherland, Maddox Trail, and Lacey Underwood.

Current members of the National Honor Society for 2017-2018 are seniors McKenzie Baker, Kirk Beshears, Jada Bracken, Garrett Burns, Brianna Glasco, Kyleigh Huckabay, Hunter McNeely, Tabor Trail, Samantha Urbanski, Rhonda Walker, and Sydney Wofford. NHS juniors are Gabby Clark, Morgan Denton, Evan Dooley, Sawyer Hendrix, Colton Lindsey, Drake Lindsey, Conly Lockhart, Ashlyn Mills, Shianne Rients, Colbie Robinson, Sarah Robinson, Trey Rodden, and Vanessa Rose. Sophomores in NHS are Parker Bucy, Paige Butler, Max Ford, Callie Gore, Kacey Johnson, Shayna McClusey, Jacob McMillin, and Zane McNeely, Kaylee Pence, Michaela Rients, Cody Rodriguez, Adam Romine, Trace Sanders, Travis Slaughter, Rileigh Smith, and Jaydin Wilson.

Teachers presented individual awards to many students beginning with awards from Elden Haynes who teaches multiple levels of science. He named Jacob Holmes, McKenna Speer, and Conley Lockhart as exceptional students in their levels of science. Teachers approached the podium in quick succession bringing next Lisa Manchester, business teacher, who presented multiple awards and recognition to students in the various components of the FBLA/FCCLA program. Keyboarding and Computerized Business Applications – Highest Average - Hailey Butler, Kaley Isom, Jacob Holmes. Excellence awards to Abbey Beck, Bethany McNeely, Isabella Mosley, Landon Haywood, Kameron Jones, Ethan Simmons, Paige Butler, Zane McNeely, Kaylee Pence, Michaela Rients, Rileigh Smith. Highest average in accounting – Sydney Wofford. Excellence in Financial Literacy, Insurance and Risk Management – Parker Bucy; Excellence in Computerized Accounting – Hunter McNeely and Sarah Robinson.

Certification tests in Microsoft Digital Literacy and Microsoft Office Specialty were new to the curriculum for 2017-18 school year. Microsoft Digital Literacy – Dustin Carter, Seth Potter, Reece Shipley. Microsoft Digital Literacy and MOS Special Certification in PowerPoint or Word – Thomas Anderson, Garrett Burns, Haily Davis, Shayna McCluskey, Nathan Weatherspoon, Jordan Wilson. Word and Powerpoint certification – Tristen Gunn, Haleigh Ellis, Kaley Hale, Kostalynn Huggins, Kaylee McDaniel, Lareesa Newland-Cook, Ben Owens, Brandon Shelton.

Microsoft Digital Literacy and Microsoft Office Specialist certification – Hailey Berry, Paige Butler, Jarek Ellis, Max Ford, Jacob McMillin, Zane McNeely, Kaylee Pence, Michaela Rients, Adam Romine, Travis Slaughter, Rileigh Smith, Emily Stirnaman, Zephyer Tinsley. Jacob Holmes received special recognition for achievement in certifying as Microsoft Digital Literacy, MS Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Word Expert.

Manchester announced these students as completers in their CTE program of study – Brianna Glasco, Frank Herrera, Kyleigh Huckabay, Sam Stahl, Rhonda Walker, Sydney Wofford. She further recognized students for their successes at District II Spring Conference. These students were semi-finalists in their events – Kyleigh Huckabay, Clara Benito, Adam Romine, Thomas Anderson, Zane McNeely, Dustin Owens. These students were finalists in their events, qualifying for state competition – Mylesa Gant, Tabor Trail, Ben Owens, Brianna Glasco, Ashlyn Mills, Sarah Robinson, Parker Bucy, Max Ford, and in Business Communications Sydney Wofford took first place.

Sophie Simmons participated in the first elevator speech contest and served as District II Middle Level treasurer.

The Rector FBLA Chapter was recognized as outstanding fundraising for Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Brianna Glasgo accepted the award and the junior and senior high chapters gave appreciation to counselor Brittany Clark for the hours she invested in the testing program.

Officers for both chapters were recognized. Brianna Glasgo, president; Sydney Wofford, vice-president, Thomas Anderson, secretary; Kyleigh Huckabay, treasurer; Kirk Beshears, reporter, Conly Lockhart, parliamentarian. Mylesa Gant and Colton Lindsey served as student council representatives. The junior FBLA chapter was led by Jacob Holmes, president, Sophie Simmons, vic-president, Zane Holloway, secretary, Zoey Blount, treasurer, Hannah Frost, reporter, Emily Stirnaman, parliamentarian, Lacey Underwood and Lane Stucks as student council representatives.

Christina Boyd, Spanish teacher, gave recognition to the following students – Parker Bucy, Alexis Herrera, Kacey Johnson, Bayleigh Oliver, Brianna Glasco, Kaylee McDaniel, Sarah Robinson, Conly Lockhard, Morgan Denton, and Taisha Morgan. Taisha Morgan was named Best Overall Spanish Learner. In her Career Development Classes, Boyd recognized Lane Stucks and Ellie Ford. She gave completion certificates in digital literacy and responsibility to these students – Cierra Rients, Ellie Ford, Lacey Underwood, Carly Robinson, Destiny Akes, Alyse Gant, Hayley Naney, Katie Lamar, Hannah Crow, Jazlyn Estes, Haven Wilson, Hannah Cupp, Haylee Walker, Libertei Walker, Morgan Garner, Lexie Green, Millie Barker, Brittney Shelton, Kaylee McClung, Zoe McNabb, Jasmine Sullins, Zachary Sisneros, Maddox Trail, Jerron Bucy, Joh Hendrix, Lane Casebier, Trey Horton, Eric Conway, John-david Boyster, Lane Stucks, Andy Williamson, Connor McCluskey, Levi Jukkola, MJ Stump, Jesse Caldwell, Devin Brown, Logan Emerline, Joshua Garron, and Austin Cobb.

Daniel VanAalsburg, band and oral communications teacher, recognized Madison Wolfenbarger and Kaley Isom in music and Jacob Holmes and Zoey Blount in Oral Communications. Awards in band were presented at the Band Banquet last week.

Shawna Bucy gave recognition in history to Josh Garron, Libertei Walker, Trey Horton, Libertei Walker. In English, awards were given to Kaley Isom and Libertei Walker. Hailey Butler received the star reading assessment award, scoring at 12+ grade level in reading.

Stephanie Brandaberry presented several awards in mathematics. Kaylee Pence, Kacey Johnson, Emily Garron, Shayna McCluskey, Jacob Homes, Zane Holloway, Conly Lockhart, Gabby Clark, Rhonda Walker, and Sydney Wofford received highest grade averages in their respective math classes.

Melinda VanAalsburg gave high music awards to Landon Haywood and Carly Rodden. She further announced awards in choir for outstanding performance. Hannah Cupp, Zoe McNabb, Hailey Butler, Erin Liao. She presented the Heart and Soul award to Eternitei Lindsey.

Awards presented by Michael Hollis in the various subject areas involved with the Ag program included presentations to Michaela Rients, Eternitei Lindsey, Dustin Owens, Sadey Underwood, Sam Urbanski, Jesse Allen, Haley Berry and Drake Lindsey.

Certificates in math and English from Lindsay Jetton went to River Walker, Colby Stokes, Bradley McMillin, Matthew Haas. An award for most improved wet to Kyle Akin.

Awards in English 12, Advanced Language and Composition, English 11 and English 10 were awarded by Chelsea Clark. She gave recognition to Jordan Wilson, Conly Lockhart, Clara Benito, and Shayna McCluskey.

Recognition for excellence in civics, economics, history and geography were given by Chris Richardson to Emily Garron, Lauisra Johnson, Jacob Holmes, Conly Lockhart, Landon Haywood, Kaley Isom, and Hailey Butler.

Ninth grade literature awards were given to Sadey Underwood, Jacob Holmes, and Makena Parrish by Melinda Hobbs. Math awards were also given to Kaley Isom, Hailey Butler, and Landon Haywood, Levi Jukkola and Alyse Gant.

Belinda Matheny awarded Kaley Hale, Makenna Speer, Sydney Wofford, Shayna McCluskey, and Taisha Morgan certificates for excellence in history, concurrent world civilization, psychology and sociology.

Art awards were presented to Chloe White, Jazlyn Estes, Morgan Garner, Lane Stucks, and Destiney Akes. These students were in Joel Boyd’s eighth grade visual arts class. He named the following students as top high school artists. Codey Rodriguez, Shayna McCluskey, Morgan Denton, Sabrina Haneline, Destiney Johnson, Kyleigh Huckabay.

In algebra, Amber Teager noted the performance of these students. Maddox Trail, Ellie Ford, Olivia Sutherland, Zane McNeely, Max Ford, Michaela Rients, Vanessa Rose, Samantha Urbanski achieved excellence in Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Algebra 3. Sierra Wenger’s performance was noted in Bridge Algebra 2.

A note of appreciation was extended by Dawn Sims to Bayleigh Oliver. She presented achievement awards to Dillon Arnold, Hayden Crow, Michael Davis, Destiney Haas, Chris Johnson, Hunter Keas, Clayton Morgan, Savannah Potter, Reece Shipley. Senior Achievement awards were presented to Raven Beltz, Matt Haas, Jasmine Rodden and Colby Stoke

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