Quorum Court Handles Light Agenda

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Justices handled a light agenda at the regular meeting of the Clay County Quorum Court, held Monday evening at the courthouse in Piggott. An ordinance appropriating funds from a recent grant to the sheriff's office for purchasing vehicles was approved, vacant positions on the equalization board were discussed and St. Francis Mayor Teressa Johnson addressed the members.

Ordinance 2018-07

The JPs approved an ordinance to appropriate USDA grant funds in the amount of $25,000 without dissent. The ordinance was introduced, with justices waiving the stipulation it be read on three separate occasions and approving it on a roll call vote of 9-0. Also approved was the accompanying emergency clause, which allows the ordinance to go into effect upon passage.

The ordinance appropriated the grant monies toward the sheriff's department budget and adjusted it accordingly. The funds had been shifted from county general earlier in the year due to the fact the vehicles were to be delivered before the grant money would be available. At that time the justices allowed payment for the vehicles, with Monday night's ordinance serving to facilitate the reimbursement to county general.

The complete ordinance may be found elsewhere in this edition.

Judge Mike Patterson also informed the justices of the need for two new members for the equalization board. “We're short two, and they need to be appointed by June 1,” he explained. “There's also state-mandated training that has to be completed now.”

Patterson indicated the two current members had agreed to take the training this summer at Batesville, and asked the members of the court to contact him if they had any suggestions.

Justice Duane Blanchard inquired about the signs which are being erected at the Corning courthouse, and was informed the posts are to be ordered this week. Last year the court was approached about replacing the aged signs which designate assigned parking, and granted permission for the job to be done as a community effort.

Mayor Johnson, of St. Francis, also addressed the court during the public comment portion of the agenda. She had spoke at the April meeting concerning issues she, and her town, had in relation to service by the sheriff's department, and Sheriff Terry Miller. At the time a number of matters were broached, including an incident in which Johnson's property had been damaged by a motorist—and how it was handled in the court system.

Feeling she was misunderstood at the previous meeting, Johnson presented the JPs with a copy of the court action concerning the case.

When asked by Judge Patterson if he wanted to comment on the matter Miller declined, noting he wouldn't do so without reviewing the documents.

Johnson then thanked the court for their time and left the meeting.

During his update, Patterson indicated the road crew continues to “work on ditches, roads and bridges,” and indicated there were some trees blown down by the recent storms which will require attention in the future.

With no further business to consider the justices voted to adjourn. In addition to Patterson and Miller, those in attendance included county clerk Pat Poole, county assessor Tracy Gurley, county attorney Mike Trail, administrative assistant to the countyjudge Yvonne Settlemoir and justices Blanchard, Mike Hill, Dennis Haines, John Mansker, Jody Henderson, David Cagle, Richie Culver, Jeff Douglas and Greg Ahrent.

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