Piggott Residents Approve PCH Sales Tax

Thursday, July 12, 2018

By a margin of 10 to one, residents of the city of Piggott voted to extend the one-cent sales tax to benefit Piggott Community Hospital in the special election held Tuesday, July 10. The final, yet unofficial, numbers had the measure passing by a vote of 381 to 38. According to election officials, early and absentee was fairly light with 165 casting their ballots in advance.

The breakdown as as follows—early and absentee was 149 in favor of the extension and 15 against. In North St. Francis the tally was 159 for and 18 against while in South St. Francis it was 73 for the extension while 5 voted “no.”

The tax had been approved by the citizens of Piggott two times, and was set to lapse later this year. The money generated by the local tax, which generally runs about $360,000 a year, is earmarked to help defray costs associated with operations of PCH.

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